14 Tools And Tactics For Monitoring And Understanding Your Website Traffic


With so many companies relying on their websites to make sales and rivet customers, it’s vicious to know how many people are visiting your site and what they’re doing once they get there. Monitoring your web trade and page views can give we an thought of what’s operative and what competence need some-more effort. You can brand trends — like when users are many active and that calm they rivet many with — that assistance we improved know your consumers’ digital habits.

There are a lot of programs for monitoring, measuring and examining website activity, and it’s infrequently tough to know that ones to try. Below, 14 Forbes Technology Council members share their favorite collection and methods for a job.

1. Google Analytics 

While there are many collection accessible to guard web traffic, Google Analytics is giveaway and comprehensive. However, while simply adding customary Google Analytics tracking formula and reviewing simple trade metrics is a good start, a genuine energy of Google Analytics is unleashed when events are combined to any link, symbol and movement on a web page. This allows for a some-more endless operation of analyses. – Jonathan Babad, DIRECTED 

2. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is a go-to apparatus for monitoring traffic, domain management and keywords. We can see that keywords are ranking a best and brand alleviation opportunities to expostulate some-more trade to a site. It also lets us see that sites are joining to us to brand intensity guest posting partners, boost a backlink profile, and expostulate additional discuss traffic. – Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster 

3. Matomo 

Matomo (formerly Piwik) is an open source and self-hosted choice to Google Analytics. Because of these qualities, it gives businesses finish entrance to tender tracking information so that any tradition stating can be generated. Going with a self-hosted choice can equivocate some of a remoteness concerns of giving Google even more data on your users. – Matthew Kolb, SkilledNursingFacilities.org

4. Leadlander 

It depends on volume and aim audience, yet for us, a apparatus like Leadlander works good since it lets us see that privately named companies are visiting that pages. Even yet it’s not 100% accurate, it’s good adequate to give a comment executives profitable subordinate discernment into how their overdo efforts are progressing. – Chris Moustakas, DevonWay

5. Clickback.com 

Tracking website visitors to your website is really important. You can do this by Google Analytics, that is a giveaway and ordinarily used tool, yet carrying a ability to spin that data into profitable information — such as anticipating out what companies are visiting your website so we can potentially lane them down — is intensely useful. My favorite height for such a purpose is clickback.com. – Ruslan Desyatnikov, QA Mentor

6. Heap 

Google Analytics is a attention standard; however, there are collection like Heap that can assistance teams know function many quicker — not to mention, they are infrequently easier for youth teams to start regulating immediately. You can integrate these collection with business comprehension collection like Google Data Studio or Domo. we consider there are many ways to get the data you are looking for and pierce on. – Mike Schmidt, Dovetale

7. W3Counter 

There are giveaway and paid versions. The free one lets we lane 5,000-page views a day opposite 10 websites, while a Pro comment allows we to lane adult to 1 million views a month. we like how visible it is, and it shows me accurately what we need to know rather than carrying to hunt around. – Jon Bradshaw, Calendar.com

8. Your Server Logs 

Tools like Google Analytics yield useful insights, yet don’t forget to demeanour during server logs for data that Analytics doesn’t show. Attacks, brute-force attempts, and click rascal aren’t reported in Analytics and can insist for years undetected if left unchecked. Have your IT dialect use record monitoring program to demeanour for surprising trends and spikes in trade (both giveaway and paid) only in case. – Jason Gill, The HOTH

9. Your Own Custom Analytics Module 

If you’re looking for aloft accuracy, you should build an analytics procedure yourself. Most third-party analytics collection are javascript-based and client-side solutions. This means we competence not get data from some of your users. They competence have javascript disabled. They competence be regulating some ad-blocking plugins that retard analytics collection as well. – Vikram Joshi, pulsd

10. Your Conversational Interfaces 

Web analytics formerly focused on how users navigated a formidable jungle of pages. Today, AI-backed conversational interfaces can renovate user journeys into streamlined, on-demand experiences. This increasing user leisure to self-serve in one combined perspective means companies can benefit actionable analytics insights into that tour designs best lead to product purchases or emanate resolution. – Evan Kohn, Pypestream

11. A Combination Of Tools That Tell A Story Together 

Monitoring a web trade and page views of a association website is really important, yet removing a Google Analytics news any month will not tell a whole story. Marketing professionals will use several collection (Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Moz Tools, etc.) to lane analytics over time, looking for trends that tell a story. This helps us take wilful movement on what website changes need to be made. – Marcus Turner, Enola Labs

12. A Heat-Mapping Tool 

I like a visible illustration of feverishness maps that uncover me where people go on websites and how many time they spend there. It tells me so many some-more about what works and where to make changes. – Chalmers Brown, Due

13. Year-Over-Year Data Reports 

YoY calculations are quite good for businesses with anniversary peaks. For example, atmosphere conditioning sales competence rise in a summer and a sell business competence rise during a holiday season. The YoY expansion rate smooths out any monthly sensitivity and helps simply see long-term trends. You competence find out that you’re doing improved than final month, yet you’re indeed down compared to final year. – Abishek Surana Rajendra, Course Hero

14. Any Tool That Serves Your ‘Why’ Of Data Tracking 

The “how” is a easy partial — a “why” is a critical part. From easy and giveaway collection like Google Analytics to really minute function tracking like Lucky Orange to patron tour tracking, a collection are out there. It is many profitable to initial confirm because to lane this and what decisions the data will drive. If we know a “why,” afterwards a “how” will follow. – Timothy McGuire, J.S. Held

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