Nashville traffic: Options to assistance palliate downtown commute

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A new beginning is enlivening downtown Nashville employees to try opposite ways to work to assistance palliate trade congestion.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A new beginning is enlivening downtown Nashville employees to try opposite ways to work to assistance palliate trade congestion.

The Nashville Connector Commuter Challenge starts Monday and continues until Sunday, Oct 28. 

The module has a accumulation of ideas for commuters that operation from holding a bus/train, carpooling, and walking (if that’s an option). 

According a program’s website, 84 percent of downtown employees expostulate to work alone – that can also make parking a hassle. More than half of those commuters are from Davidson County.

Parking options are also apropos a flourishing regard in downtown and a problem can be costly. About $12,000 is being spent per-year on travel costs, with parking rates going adult by 5 percent any year.

The normal cost of monthly parking in downtown is $175. 

So far, some-more than a dozen businesses have assimilated in on a challenge.    

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