5 Free Google Tools to Drive Traffic to Your Site and Your Salon

The day after a final indication walked a runway during Aveda’s Global Congress 2018, owners and managers got critical about business during an Aveda Business College event as a series of salon owners took a theatre and common best practices. As a Google consultant, a final orator Angelina Darrisaw brought some knowledge from outward a attention enlivening owners to take advantage of a series of giveaway Google collection to urge their websites and expostulate trade both to their site and their salons.

Google My Business (gybo.com): This business form uncover adult when intensity clients hunt for your salon or businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. “When people hunt for something locally, they have high proclivity and vigilant to follow through—you wish to constraint them in a moment,” Darrisaw says. “Go to gybo.com to explain and determine your business–it’s a simple, though profitable process. Then we can respond to comments or post when we have a new service, are using a graduation or have hired a group member. Post cinema to make your form some-more interesting. You can even ask a quote for a 3D photographer to do a practical debate of your business.”

Google Search Console (google.com/webmasters): “This apparatus that marks your website’s hunt performance, afterwards offers we tips for improving SEO (search engine optimization),” Darrisaw says. This website offers courses and guides that make high-quality websites that are search-friendly.

Google Trends (google.com/trends): Google Trends offers discerning and useful insights on what people are acid for. “For instance a really years ago, everybody was acid for Paleo recipes, now they’re into Keto,” Darrisaw says. “By comparing hunt terms again any other, we can emanate calm that improved targets your audience.”

Website Speed (testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com): “Most sites remove half their visitors since they bucket too slowly,” Darrisaw says. “This site tests your site’s speed and tells we if a bucket time is too long.” After using a analysis, that takes about a minute, Google offers a news with tips on speeding adult your website’s loading time.

Google Analytics (analytics.withgoogle.com): Analytics gives we discernment into your visitors’ tour with your website—the information can assistance we urge your site’s impact. “You can use it to magnitude trade sources, rebound rates, interactions with your calm and more.  

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