Think About Your Eyes summer debate boosts site traffic

Think About Your Eyes announced that a summer debate amassed 130 million media impressions.

The TAYE website has seen a 200% boost in trade compared to this time final year, garnering 2.1 million visitors in 2018, according to a press recover from a group.

The beginning is dictated to inspire relatives to report an eye examination with an optometrist for their children during a summer months, when there is some-more giveaway time available.

TAYE partnered with veteran fighter and lifestyle consultant Leila Ali to widespread a company’s message. Ali, who wore eyeglasses for most of her life before removing prophesy improvement surgery, took partial in 25 radio and radio interviews. In these, she stressed a significance of annual eye exams and urged patients to revisit the TAYE website for information about prophesy health and to find an optometrist.

The association also partnered with online influencer association Collectively to aim a network of parenting blogs, as good as amicable media sites.

TAYE Chair Steve Loomis, OD, voiced compensation with a summer campaign.

“Summer mangle is an ideal time for relatives to report health appointments for their kids, and ensuring that relatives are including eye exams is a tip priority for Think About Your Eyes,” Loomis pronounced in a release.


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