NY candidate: Netanyahu orator intimately assaulted me

A claimant for New York’s state parliament pronounced Tuesday she was intimately assaulted 5 years ago by a orator for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, an indictment a male denies.

Julia Salazar, 27, whose mutinous debate has captivated far-reaching attention, pronounced on Twitter that she was vocalization out about David Keyes since she was about to be “outed” as a passionate attack survivor. Salazar’s orator combined that she had been contacted by a contributor for regressive news site The Daily Caller.

“Before this runs, we wish to come brazen and endorse that we was a plant of passionate attack by David Keyes — a Prime Minister of Israel’s orator to unfamiliar media,” pronounced Salazar, who is seeking to replace Brooklyn state Sen. Martin Dilan in Thursday’s Democratic primary.

Keyes after released a matter to The Associated Press, saying: “This fake indictment is done by someone who has proven to be regularly prejudiced about her possess life. This is nonetheless another instance of her dishonesty.”

Salazar wrote on Twitter that she felt a Daily Caller was perplexing to expel doubt on her allegations.

“I strongly trust passionate attack survivors should not be outed in this way, and am saddened by a outcome this story might have on other women,” she said.

The proclamation came as Salazar, who is anticipating to join a call of challengers toppling investiture Democrats, has faced inspection over annoying episodes in her past and heated critique for misrepresenting elements of her biography.

She gave open speeches and interviews observant she was an newcomer from Colombia when she was indeed innate in Florida. She also told people she had a grade from Columbia University when she did not graduate.

Journalists also suggested that Salazar was arrested in 2011 on charges of fraudulently perplexing to entrance a bank comment of a disloyal mother of a famous neighbor, ball good Keith Hernandez.

The charges were never prosecuted and Salazar after sued Hernandez’s mother claiming she attempted to support her in a case. Kai Hernandez staid a lawsuit for $20,000.

Later Tuesday, a Wall Street Journal reporter, Shayndi Raice, tweeted that she also had a “terrible confront with David Keyes.”

She didn’t yield details, and wrote that she wouldn’t news herself as a “victim,” though pronounced “The male had positively no source of a word “no.”

“No matter how mostly we pronounced no, he would not stop pulling himself on me,” she wrote. “I was means to extricate myself fast and it was a really brief and worried impulse though we knew as we walked divided we had encountered a predator.”

Salazar initial done her accusations opposite Keyes in 2016 after he was named as a orator for Netanyahu.

In a Facebook post, now deleted, she wrote that Keyes had physically coerced her into a passionate act in 2013 during his New York City unit after they met for coffee. A debate spokesman, Michael Kinnucan, pronounced it was a friends-only post that was adult for reduction than 24 hours.

The claim was reported in 2016 by Israeli media, though Salazar was not identified by name in those stories.

Keyes also denied a allegations then, observant “there was positively no duress in a encounter,” a Times of Israel reported, citing Israel’s Army Radio.

Kinnucan pronounced Salazar, who never reported a confront with Keyes to police, was being forced to residence a allegations publicly after being contacted by a Daily Caller.

The website posted a story after Tuesday confirming it had told a Salazar debate it was scheming a story observant she was a lady who anonymously indicted Keyes on amicable media in 2016.

The Daily Caller website reprinted an email they sent to Salazar’s debate that read: “Why did she undo these accusations? Does she still mount by them? My deadline is in one hour.”

The Daily Caller pronounced Salazar’s debate reliable she was a prosecution but seeking to secrete her identity.


Associated Press contributor Josef Federman contributed to this news from Jerusalem.

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