Dartmouth Proposes New Traffic Light

Hanover — Dartmouth College is proposing to implement a new trade vigilance on West Wheelock Street, a vital highway between Norwich and downtown Hanover, as partial of a $200 million enlargement in a west finish of a campus.

The enlargement during a Thayer School of Engineering, approaching to be laid out in filings to a Planning Board subsequent week, comes as Dartmouth awaits a statute on another vital devise on a other side of campus.

The trade vigilance during West Wheelock and West streets also would offer a opening to circuitously Thayer Drive, that would be converted to an entrance highway streamer to a new parking garage in a project.

Dartmouth mentioned a trade light on a website on Thursday in a news recover announcing a goal to record skeleton subsequent week for a 160,000-square-foot building that would embody Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth’s Department of Computer Science, a ​​​​Magnuson Family Center for Entrepreneurship and Dartmouth’s nucleus microscopy facility.

The $200 million project, to be built on a site of a parking lot only easterly of Thayer Drive, would have 3 stories above ground, surfaced by a automatic penthouse, and also embody a three-level subterraneous parking garage for 340 cars.

It also would bond with other buildings only to a north of it in a Thayer complex, privately MacLean Engineering Sciences Center and Cummings Hall.

“We are looking brazen to operative with a city to pierce a devise to a subsequent phase,” John Scherding, Dartmouth’s associate clamp boss for planning, design, and construction, pronounced in a matter on a college website.

Dartmouth hopes to start work on a parking garage subsequent spring, and a above-ground apportionment of a building late subsequent year, though initial needs site devise capitulation from a Planning Board.

More than 9,230 cars a day transport eastward on West Wheelock Street from a Ledyard Bridge, according to 2015 trade depends by a New Hampshire Department of Transportation. And Dartmouth pronounced during a rise rush hour between 7:15 a.m. and 8:15 a.m., 1,036 vehicles are roving eastbound.

Similarly, 1,059 vehicles are roving westbound toward Norwich between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on a customary weekday.

As partial of a West End project, Dartmouth final month won Planning Board capitulation to reconstruct and free Old Tuck Drive to eastward vehicular traffic, that will pull many of a commuters headed to that partial of campus.

Asked about a reserve of a trade vigilance during West Street, median adult a mountain between a Connecticut River and a Dartmouth green, college officials pronounced it would be an altogether improvement.

“This intersection is not during a quite high partial of a hill, so there is not a regard about a winter months. This is already a wily intersection, so we pattern a changes will boost reserve for those on foot, on bikes and in cars,” Dartmouth mouthpiece Diana Lawrence pronounced around email.

“Those who are streamer into campus, or by campus, will also have an swap track on Old Tuck Drive,” definition there would be fewer cars on West Wheelock Street.

Robert Houseman, Hanover’s executive of planning, zones and codes, pronounced a city has had “preliminary discussions” with Dartmouth about a West Wheelock Street intersection though that final pattern skeleton and an engineering research have not been submitted yet.

“The light phases will be designed to extent delays on West Wheelock, yield protected walking entrance opposite West Wheelock and urge entrance to Engineering Drive,” Houseman pronounced in an email, referring to another highway circuitously a Thayer buildings.

Meanwhile, college and city officials both wait a New Hampshire Supreme Court statute on a devise off South Park Street — an interest by Dartmouth of a Planning Board preference to repudiate site devise capitulation for a 70,000-square-foot indoor use facility.

During verbal arguments in June, Bruce Felmly, a profession representing Dartmouth, argued that a devise was “in finish correspondence with all site devise regulations,” enclosed a 150-foot aegis from homes along circuitously Tyler Road; and was in a margin that was already containing partial of a vital jaunty formidable on campus.

In questioning, according to a video of a hearing, during slightest one probity seemed doubtful of a motive of Planning Board members who voted to repudiate a assent on a basement that a devise was not “harmonious and aesthetically pleasing,” suggesting that was too biased a standard.

But David Rayment, an profession arguing on interest of a Planning Board ruling, pronounced holding “general considerations” about a devise into comment would be appropriate.

“This building is large adequate to put a 747 in, large adequate to put 10 houses in,” he said. “It’s being put right adult opposite where a section starts to change to a residential neighborhood.”

A statute from a justice is approaching within a subsequent few months.

John P. Gregg can be reached during jgregg@vnews.com.

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