Law organisation seeks to seize rival’s URL; fit alleges ‘hijacked’ website trade and content


A lawsuit filed by an Aurora, Illinois, law organisation claims a suburban Chicago opposition increasing a increase by $2 million over a two-year duration by duplicating website calm and treacherous hunt engines.

The suit filed on Friday by Motta Motta claims opposition Dolci Weiland placed tags on Motta’s website “to steal Motta’s web traffic” and route visitors to Dolci. The fit also claims Dolci co-opted a Motta worker to send callers seeking a family law or rapist invulnerability profession to Dolci. The Register lonesome a lawsuit, filed Friday in Chicago sovereign court.

The fit alleges Dolci combined a website that mirrored a pattern of Motta’s website, and copied verbatim some of Motta’s copyrighted articles and posts. Dolci afterwards skewed a date of announcement to disguise it had copied Motta content, a fit alleges.

The fit claims Dolci capitalized on Motta’s repute by regulating website tags and headers to trick hunt engines into desiring Motta’s website is Dolci’s website. Dolci is formed in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

The fit cites an instance of a problem. In Sep 2016, a hunt for “Aurora divorce attorney” that enclosed a name of a Motta counsel generated hunt formula for Dolci, even yet no counsel by a same name seemed on Dolci’s website.

The fit seeks damages, though says income alone isn’t a sufficient remedy. Motta also seeks a assignment of all rights to Dolci Weiland’s URL and a website pages, and a assignment of Dolci’s internet ranking to Motta. It also seeks an accounting of Dolci increase attributable to a purported infringement.

The fit alleges defilement of a Digital Millennium Copyright Act, astray foe law, polite conspiracy, tortious division with impending mercantile advantage, and acclimatisation of website property.

Dolci handling partner Dominick Dolci did not immediately respond to a ABA Journal’s summary seeking comment.

Hat tip to Law360.

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