Celebrity Deaths, Presidential Scandals, Odd News Drove Publisher Site Traffic, Engagement

SimilarWeb’s news ranking a tip 100 U.S. media publications in a initial half in 2018 analyzes sum traffic, page visits, and singular views. 

The 5 hunt terms with the
largest trade boost from a initial entertain to a second entertain in 2018 were anthony bourdain, kate spade, xxxtentacion, avicii, and world cup. The many improved
non-branded keywords indicate to luminary deaths, presidential scandals and peculiar news stories such as yanny laurel, Michael cohen, Hawaii volcano, and nba.

The information comes from
analyzing traffic, in part, from Google on desktop and mobile.

Based on a multiple of trade and rendezvous in a initial half of 2018, a Top 100 U.S. Media Publications Ranking start with
msn.com transposed espn.com as No. 1, adult from No. 2. The No. 3 mark went to cnn.com. No. 4. Went to foxnews.com, that came adult a nick from No. 5 in a before quarter. News.google.com slid to No. 5 from
No. 4. Drudgereport.com came adult to No. 6 from No. 7, and nytimes.com forsaken to No. 7 from No. 6, respectively. Finance.yahoo.com and washingtonpost.com dull out a tip 10 in that order.



The publications experiencing some of a biggest declines in website trade and rendezvous in a initial half of 2018, compared with a fourth entertain in 2017, were thechive.com during No.
100, down from No. 63; and newsweek during No. 83, down from No. 52 in a before quarter. And si.com forsaken 20 ranking spaces, and rollingstone.com forsaken 17 spaces.

The publications
experiencing some of a biggest jumps in a initial half, compared with a fourth entertain in 2017, were bloomberg.com during No. 20, adult from No. 26; cnbc.com during No. 22, adult from No. 30; people.com during No.
25 adult from No. 33; wsj.com during No. 30, adult from No. 39; dailycaller.com during No. 51, adult from No. 80. There were many others including Variety, that jumped 28 spaces.

Notable changes in the
ranking were seen serve down a list, according to SimilarWeb. Celebrity news site nickiswift.com entered a tip 100, pushing trade by “revealing a ‘untold truth’ about a ‘shady side’ of
celebrity.” And, a ubiquitous news site Vox.com entered into a ranking during No. 73.

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