No, a Red Hen That Kicked Out Sarah Sanders Is NOT a One in DC

Last night, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a Red Hen. No, not that Red Hen.

“I was told by a owners of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave since we work for @POTUS and we kindly left. Her actions contend distant some-more about her than about me. we always do my best to provide people, including those we remonstrate with, respectfully and will continue to do so,” she tweeted.

Even nonetheless Sanders privately mentioned that a grill is in Lexington, Virginia, that hasn’t stopped people from treacherous it with a renouned grill of a same name in DC’s Bloomingdale neighborhood. The dual establishments are totally unaffiliated.

Mike Friedman, a cook and co-owner of DC’s Red Hen, says he beheld something was adult when he started removing bombarded with amicable media notifications this morning. He hasn’t privately been to a grill currently to see what kind of calls they’re getting, yet a restaurant’s Yelp page is already being incorrectly bombarded with disastrous reviews.

“As distant as we know, we haven’t gotten any vital threats yet,” Friedman says. “I consider that will change.”

The DC Red Hen sent out an email to media perplexing to explain that it has zero to do with a Red Hen in Lexington. But even on Washingtonian‘s website, trade for reviews of DC’s Red Hen is spiking.

This is not a initial time people have confused a restaurants. Friedman says they spasmodic get reservation mix-ups with a other Red Hen.

Even nonetheless they share zero yet a name, would DC’s Red Hen have also kicked out Sanders?

“We offer everybody,” Friedman says. “Everybody is a guest. We provide everybody with a same respect.”

Jessica Sidman

Jessica Sidman covers a people and trends behind D.C.’s food and splash scene. Before fasten Washingtonian in Jul 2016, she was Food Editor and Young Hungry columnist during Washington City Paper. She is a Colorado local and University of Pennsylvania grad.

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