Should we keep your best calm on your site or send it away?

Recently, I’ve had some unequivocally beguiling discussions with other hunt engine optimization specialists (SEOs) about where to place promotional content.

Opinions change and are contingent on a goals of a webmaster. Some webmasters plainly ask for guest bloggers given they need calm and don’t have a essay staff.

Others who are usually starting out wish to write guest posts or columns for sites other than their possess as a approach to boost their repute and boost inbound couple counts.

Some newbie professionals ask some-more seasoned SEOs to attend in roundup posts as a approach to build credit for their sites. There are many reasons people ask for calm or ask to place content.

Many of my colleagues are of a opinion that if you’re going to emanate good content, we should keep it on your possess site. While we can unequivocally see that point, we unequivocally do like a thought of carrying my calm placed on other sites since it increases my intensity for traffic, leads and clients.

Go west, immature lady

I’m excellent with fixation calm on other people’s websites. we trust in branching out and fixation calm since it works for me.

I am propitious to get a lot of good leads from my Search Engine Land column, as good as interviews, a occasional guest post, roundups and lists on other sites and on amicable media.

My rankings are not scarcely as good as they once were, though it’s engaging that while they have fallen, my trade has remained mostly solid (albeit from trade spikes that start when we tell something and unequivocally small trade when we don’t) and my leads have continued to come in usually as they once did. In fact, I’m removing some-more than ever.

I also get a lot of approach traffic. Organic hunt is my third-highest source of traffic, as we can see below:

This is another reason we like fixation my calm on other sites: If anything happened to my site, I’d still be means to say trade and leads.

When we puncture around in a analytics accounts of many of my clients, this is a many some-more common picture:

In a box like this, with a mention trade being third and around 30 percent of a trade from organic search, there’s no approach I’d put my best calm on someone else’s site. we competence put good calm on another site, though I’d unequivocally be greedy with calm that I’d spent a lot of time and appetite creating.

Pros and cons

If you’re struggling to confirm where to place your content, we unequivocally have no choice other than to demeanour to see where your trade is entrance from and try to make a decision.

If you’re like me and get many of it by referrals, I’d pursue that. If many of a trade is entrance from organic search, I’d keep it on my site in many cases.

Here are some pros and cons of fixation your calm elsewhere.


  • You urge your chances of new business by reaching a opposite audience.
  • You benefit some-more management as an consultant in several online communities.
  • You can be featured in other sites’ roundups and newsletters, broadening your reach.
  • You boost your chances of online presence if anything happens to your possess website.


  • You’re initial pushing trade to someone else’s site with your content.
  • Your repute can count on a repute of a hosting site.
  • Your calm could be private during any time.
  • The hosting site could close down.

Here are some pros and cons of gripping your calm on your possess site.


  • You’re pushing trade to your possess site but a middleman.
  • You are totally in control of a content.
  • If we do any couple building for a content, those links assistance your site and not someone else’s.
  • You are building your site’s authority.


  • If we are penalized in any way, we have a decreased possibility of still removing traffic.
  • If your site doesn’t arrange good and have decent traffic, we might not see many lapse on investment (ROI) from your content.
  • You might not strech as opposite an assembly as we wish due to your site’s demographics.
  • You might be losing a event to attract links if your site is not a renouned one.

Content forms and where they go

Let’s demeanour during 3 opposite forms of common calm and try where they should be housed and why.

Evergreen calm that will be updated. I’d keep this on my possess site unless we got no trade whatsoever. It’s many easier to be in control of updates. Evergreen calm can also attract some unequivocally good links, so I’d opt for carrying those links forked to my possess site. For example, if we had a site that sole roof fans and had a how-to beam on selecting and installing roof fans that contained step-by-step instructions and videos, I’d never wish that to go on anyone else’s site. instead of my own.

One-off pieces. If we can find a unequivocally applicable place for a one-off piece, I’d place it on that site and not my own. For example, if we were to write an essay about a best giveaway WordPress plug-ins to use, I’d see if we could put that on a site that is about WordPress or web pattern rather than on my site, that is usually about couple building.

Lists of resources. I’d keep a categorical list on my possess site and try to minister pieces of that list, or presumably a somewhat opposite list, to other sites. If this is on your possess site, it’s also many easier to update. For example, if we had a list of a best calm origination tools, I’d keep that on my possess site and maybe emanate lists such as “Top 10 giveaway calm origination collection of 2018” on another site.

Don’t forget amicable platforms!

Social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Medium can beget a lot of good traffic. You can use Twitter to twitter out tips and news, attend in Facebook groups or use Facebook posts. These platforms are good for trade and removing feedback in a approach of comments on your content.

Content is not usually articles. You can do infographics, podcasts, transcripts of podcasts, box studies, consult results, slip decks and more. Mix it up; all calm is good for bringing some competent traffic, and that is a many critical thing of all.

Opinions voiced in this essay are those of a guest author and not indispensably Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.

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