Which Social Network Drives a Most Traffic to Your Website? [POLL]

Facebook typically drives around 60 percent of all a trade Search Engine Journal get from amicable media networks. This isn’t too surprising, deliberation how large Facebook is with over 2.2 billion monthly active users.

But Facebook isn’t a tip source of amicable traffic for each website in each industry.

Even if amicable media won’t directly assistance your organic hunt rankings, posting enchanting calm that attracts lots of traffic, shares, likes, and comments all helps we boost your reach, visibility, and joining potential.

So that amicable networks have a top intensity to send lots of trade to your website? We asked a Twitter village what trends they’re seeing. Here’s what we discovered.

Which Social Network Drives a Most Traffic to Your Website?

Here are a formula from this #SEJSurveySays check question. According to SEJ’s Twitter audience:

  • 62 percent responded that Facebook brought in a many trade to their website.
  • 22 percent pronounced that their site perceived a many trade from Twitter.
  • 10 percent picked LinkedIn as a top traffic-driving social network for their website.
  • 6 percent found success in removing amicable trade from Pinterest.


Here Are a Few Comments from Our Twitter Followers

Understanding How Social Media SEO Work Together

The ultimate purpose of SEO is for your business to be found online – and amicable media enables we to do only that. Check out how we can precedence amicable media selling to raise your SEO strategy.

Have Your Say

Which amicable network drives a many trade to your website? Tag us on amicable media to let us know.

Be certain to have your contend in a subsequent consult – check out a #SEJSurveySays hashtag on Twitter for destiny polls and data.

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