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Christian de Looper/Digital Trends

Reddit has now surpassed Facebook and is now a third-most-popular internet end for users in a United States, according to rankings published by Amazon subsidiary Alexa (no, not that Alexa), a website that marks and analyzes web traffic. Despite a new argumentative site redesign, this means that Reddit now trails Google and YouTube, though ranks forward of Facebook and Amazon.

While Reddit still doesn’t attract a same volume of trade as Google or YouTube, a good news for a site is that users spend some-more time browsing a site, averaging 15 mins and 10 seconds each day, The Next Web reported. For comparison, users spend only 7 mins and 16 seconds on Google, 8 mins and 31 seconds on YouTube, 10 mins and 50 seconds on Facebook, and 7 mins and 37 seconds on Amazon. Reddit also outranks a tip 5 sites on Alexa’s list with some-more daily page views per visitors. Rounding out a tip 10 sites are Wikipedia, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay, and Netflix.

Reddit’s arise comes during a scattered time for Facebook, that has gifted a series of high-profile scandals over user remoteness and information pity in new months. Most notably, a Cambridge Analytica scandal, impacting as many as 87 million Facebook users, has resulted in users job for a boycott of Facebook over a company’s information collection and promotion practices. In response to a scandal, Facebook denounced changes to make a site safer, and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, also famous as GDPR, subsequently went into outcome to assistance make a internet a safer place for users.

Reddit itself has also been a theme of controversy. Created by owner Alexis Ohanian, a site joined with Aaron Swartz’s Infogami in 2006. In 2011, Swartz was charged with sovereign hacking laws for downloading millions of educational articles from a subscription service, to that he was given a guest comment by MIT. Two years later, Swartz was found passed in his unit by suicide. Most recently, Reddit done headlines when it refused to anathema hatred speech on a site, arguing that giveaway debate should be stable unless there is a hazard of assault or harm. In a apart incident, Reddit was also a home where the personal images of celebrities were uploaded following an Apple iCloud attack.

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