11alive.com | Man stops trade to assistance aged male cranky a travel – WXIA

GRIFFIN, Ga. — Sometimes things occur that remind us of a splendid spots in humanity.

A video of one man’s kind act towards another is being common via a Spalding County community. E’Ondria Weems was pushing in Griffin on Sunday when she beheld a male with a hiker perplexing to cranky a road.

She pronounced before she could conflict a male named Justin stepped in. He pulled his white impel lorry over “got out of his automobile and stopped trade for a aged male and helped him opposite a street.”

Justin Jackson pronounced when he saw what was happening, he only had to stop.

“The aged male was walking opposite a streets and people were drifting by and we was like l got to stop.”

“It was so good of him to do that. Makes we consider there are still good people in this world,” Weems said.

She prisoner video of a kind act and posted it to her Facebook page.

It’s been noticed hundreds of thousands of times. The hundreds of comments were praising and…crushing on a male who stopped.

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