Who Gets The Most Traffic Among Conservative Websites?

Beginning each morning, we total opinion and stating from some-more than a dozen right-leaning websites for my website TheRighting and a messenger newsletter. My idea is to surprise a center and left to a meditative and voices from a right (and detached right).

For those of you, like myself, who woke adult Nov 9, 2016, and wondered how a nation landed in what seemed to be an choice universe, these websites yield a abounding trove of clues.

My daily visits have led me to consternation about a distance of their audiences as good as either those audiences were removing bigger or smaller. And so, operative with information from SimilarWeb, we began to lane a series of monthly visits for a tip 20 regressive sites, including juggernauts like FoxNews.com, Breitbart and Infowars; publications like The National Review and The Washington Times; and smaller publishers like Spero News and NewsBusters. (See my ranking for a tip 20 regressive websites in December.)

Based on this investigate into site trade and my possess unchanging visits, we have 9 observations to make about assembly trade to worried websites over a past several months.

1. Right creates might: FoxNews.com is even bigger than we think

Traffic to FoxNews.com detached exceeds each other regressive website. Let’s only call it what it is — a 8,000-pound chimpanzee of worried websites. In December, FoxNews.com available some-more than 313 million site visits. That’s roughly 4 times a series of visits to Breitbart, a second many renouned worried website. Furthermore, FoxNews.com had some-more visits in Dec than a subsequent 19 sites on a list combined. And there’s some-more bad news on a environment for a competitors of FoxNews.com. Politico reported final month that FoxNews.com is “a sleeping hulk that is about to arise up” by augmenting staff and enlightening a pro-Trump voice.

2. But Breitbart is still a challenging digital energy even though you-know-who

With monthly visits in additional of 80 million, Breitbart available some-more assembly visits in Dec than mainstream media sites like Politico (69 million), Time.com (68 million), Newsweek (51 million) and Slate (43 million). And a Dec assembly was some-more than double a distance of a subsequent closest regressive website, The Daily Caller.

3. No one’s rushing to RushLimbaugh.com in outrageous numbers

Rush Limbaugh’s website, where his staff posts transcripts of his shows, consistently ranks in a bottom of a tip 20 worried websites as monitored by TheRighting. He’s a radio powerhouse though he’s a small mortal on a web. What’s startling about his comparatively low digital numbers — only underneath 4 million visits in Dec — is that his site is good orderly by a day’s topics and easy to navigate. You’d consider that some-more audiences would desert his radio uncover and only review him online.

4. Celebrity regressive websites: All admirals. Not adequate sailors?

Pat Buchanan. Ann Coulter. Sean Hannity. Bernard Goldberg. Todd Starnes. They’ve got their possess name-branded websites that gaunt heavily to a right. Yet nothing of them solely for Limbaugh have burst a tip 20 ranked websites in a 3 months that TheRighting has monitored them. Most don’t post on a daily basement and that’s gripping trade comparatively low. More writers for those sites competence solve that issue.

5. Stop a presses! Right-wing journal sites pull large digital audiences

Two mount out: The Washington Examiner and The Washington Times. Both were top-ten regressive websites in Dec formed on assembly visits. The Washington Examiner in sold looks like an up-and-coming brand. In November, when 85% of a tip 20 regressive websites posted declines in visits from a year ago when Trump was elected, The Washington Examiner available a 16% spike in assembly visits.

6. An aged imitation dog has schooled some digital tricks

Can a imitation repository founded during a tallness of a Eisenhower administration make it in a digital world? Apparently so. The National Review, founded in a 1950s by regressive William F. Buckley, Jr., attracts some-more than 10 million visits a month to a site. It’s tighten to being a tip 10 regressive website. Credit a magazine…uh website…with new calm posted each day that’s provocative and thoughtful.

7. And a site where worried audiences spend an implausible volume of time is…

PJ Media. The normal revisit generation to PJ Media in Dec was a whopping 32 minutes, according to SimilarWeb. FoxNews.com was a detached second with a normal revisit clocking in during a really important 6:17 minutes. (If you’re wondering, a normal revisit generation to CNN.com in Dec was 4:01). We’re not utterly certain about a tip salsa that keeps PJ Media so gummy though a site uses video whenever possible, updates a home page frequently, and adds widgets to inspire users to some-more time on a site.

8. Over there: Top regressive website with a largest commission of visits outward a U.S.

Infowars. Twenty-two percent of a assembly visits came from outward a U.S. Its ultra-right-wing point seems to attract visitors from around a universe though generally Canada, a U.K., Australia and a Netherlands, environment it detached from a other tip regressive media sites.

9. Born in a USA: Top regressive websites with a largest commission of U.S. visits

RushLimbaugh.com and a One America News Network are articulate to roughly wholly domestic readers online. Ninety-five percent of trade for both sites comes from a U.S.

Howard Polskin is a president, owner and arch curator of TheRighting, that launched in Sep 2017. He spent a initial half of his career as a journalist. Polskin has also worked in open family and corporate communications for a accumulation of companies including CNN.

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