Measuring TV Advertising’s Impact On Website Traffic


Prior to a internet, the direct response to radio promotion could be totalled with transparent clear clarity by approach of dedicated toll-free write numbers. Flash brazen to today, and a strenuous infancy of consumer response manifests itself online. According to a report from Accenture, 87% of consumers use a second shade device while examination TV – and that information was collected in 2015.

A some-more new report from 2016’s Consumer Technology Association pegged millennials for this function during 88%. Whatever a number, all one has to do is demeanour around their TV-viewing room to know a pervasiveness of such behavior. People see something advertised that piques their seductiveness and afterwards use a smartphone, inscription or desktop to go online and learn more, mostly by visiting a advertiser’s website.

But what is a accurate means and outcome between a promote TV mark that front and any analogous lift in website traffic? To answer that question, my group consisting of approach response radio promotion experts complicated information opposite 4 forms of advertisers regulating opposite blurb lengths to quantify a couple between TV promotion and online consumer response in a form of website traffic.

To establish a impact of TV advertising, we examined 4 graphic campaigns that were using TV commercials for household relocation services, insurance, weight loss/body sculpting and brokerage services. To magnitude impact, we used an algorithm that evaluates trends in internet activity to establish a incremental lift in trade or singular website sessions attributable to DRTV media events. This analysis routine deliberate possibly a debate is active or not, providing a ability to heed between activity driven by non-DRTV events and towering activity driven by DRTV.

Measuring TV Advertising’s Impact On Website Traffic

Courtesy of Koeppel Direct.

In a set of charts above, a formula of all 4 campaigns were aggregated, representing a total media spend of $2.1 million. In a initial chart, a commission of incremental lift is represented by 3 blurb lengths: 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. Interestingly, a 15-second ads delivered a biggest spike, peaking during increasing website activity of 223% in a second notation after a blurb aired. However, it did not have a longer tailing outcome of possibly a 30- or 60-second spots. This is not startling given that longer lengths concede some-more time to emanate split and light some-more tolerable and durability interest. As for second screens, a cake draft shows that mobile phones are a widespread go-to device, representing scarcely 6 out of 10 sources of activity, followed by desktops that represented scarcely a third.

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