New Cook County decider presiding over weddings after refusing trade justice post

After an surprising authorised debate in that he loaned himself an rare $660,000 and ran unopposed in a competition on Chicago’s Northwest Side, Richard C. Cooke has continued to make waves as a Cook County judge.

The politically connected jurist, who was inaugurated in November, has for some-more than 4 months refused an assignment from his supervising decider and a county’s arch decider to work in trade court, where scarcely all new Cook County judges cut their teeth regardless of experience, according to a orator for Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans, in response to a Tribune inquiry.

Among other things, Cooke, 50, has told other judges he can’t work in trade court, where speeding and other identical violations are heard, or in any rapist courtroom given of his financial seductiveness in a automobile rinse that formerly won city contracts value hundreds of thousands of dollars to purify City of Chicago vehicles, including military vehicles.

After a six-week standoff, Cooke was eliminated in late Jan to matrimony court, where he has given served as a $194,000-a-year officiant presiding over weddings in a groundwork of Chicago’s City Hall. But a honeymoon might be entrance to an end.