New congressman has sole us out already

It appears that Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District has inaugurated a betrayer of a citizenry. When district residents were aloud observant “No” to domestic dynasties (i.e., Bush/Clinton) they let Fitzpatrick trip by a moment — and it didn’t take really prolonged for him to sell out a adults of his district.

On Mar 28, Fitzpatrick voted to pass S.J. Resolution 34, that called for a dissolution of a remoteness manners recently enacted by a FCC and that were set to go into outcome after this year. Fitzpatrick voted to concede your internet use provider to place boundary on what information we can perspective and steal your searches, forcing them by their comparison hunt engine partners — legally, we now no longer have a choice.

Fitzpatrick voted to concede all of your web trade to be searched through, catalogued and analyzed by any association that pays for it — including web trade from your children — so they can build minute profiles that can be used to establish information about your work, your party preferences, your health, who we promulgate with, what your domestic and amicable affiliations are, and more. This information can afterwards be sole to other companies both American, or unfamiliar – and we have no right to know what it says about you.

Fitzpatrick voted to concede your internet provider and your phone association to pre-install program on your phones to record and news each website we or your family visits and each calm and phone call we make. This is truly an advance of remoteness — generally when complicated personal communications and internet entrance have turn so required in sequence for typical U.S. adults to perform common daily tasks, perform duties required to keep a jobs, and also to sojourn active and in hold with a governments during each jurisdictional level. And we now have no right to stop it.

Fitzpatrick voted to concede your internet provider to inject tracking cookies that are unfit for we to detect and unfit to delete, that will tab any and all of your web trade (as good as your children’s). You now have no right to even know what has been commissioned on your mechanism or phone when we buy it and what information it is tracking — let alone what that information will be used for, nor by whom.

Fitzpatrick voted to take divided your choice to yield any agree per your right to remoteness and to strengthen a remoteness of your children. In 12 weeks’ time, Fitzpatrick has intentionally sole out Americans and has incited his behind on us and a rights to privacy.

When a nation’s Constitution was written, it contained many restrictions on supervision entrance to a personal information, a function in private as good as protections for a communications and associations with others. It did not enclose such specific restrictions opposite companies since such energy could not have been illusory to be probable by any group other than a sovereign or state supervision during that time. Those same elemental protections from an forward supervision were famous and limited by a FCC usually a few brief months ago — and now Fitzpatrick has voted to have those regulations overturned, never to be authorised by law again.

The usually approach we can strengthen yourself now is to download and implement a TOR browser (, or make use of a TAILS handling complement ( to keep we and your family protected from digital spying.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick has fast tricked a trust that was placed in him and has clearly disregarded a rights of all Americans.


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