Website gets new look

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Transportation has introduced a redesigned that provides ceaselessly updated information in a mobile-friendly format that’s some-more available for a motoring open in Illinois.

In gripping with a final of today’s users, a new website includes a ability to brand and wizz in to your location, transport track or destination, since a former site offering a immobile map that supposing a extended perspective of a user’s altogether location. Additionally, a new website is operated by a cloud-based system, formulating a improved event to yield real-time information and shortening intensity complement downtime.

One of a some-more renouned facilities is a winter highway conditions map, that averages some-more than 2 million visitors during snow-and-ice deteriorate and is frequently used by news media and common widely on amicable media. The new map facilities an extended tone intrigue that improved aligns with stream map record used by surrounding states, formulating a some-more seamless transport knowledge for truckers and tourists, and is easier for color-blind people to discern.

The website debuted about scarcely 10 years ago and has gifted a extensive expansion in traffic. The site is a one-stop emporium for visitors seeking trade counts, gas hire and hotel locations, continue radar and other travel-related information.