Increase Your Audience Reach, Album Sales Using Pinterest


Guest post by Jessica Hackett of Soundfly‘s Flypaper

Marketing your new manuscript or compelling arriving gigs? Use Pinterest to low and effectively grow your audience, expostulate web traffic, and sell your music!

Pinterest is fundamentally a amicable media scrapbook where users save and share images and links. It has prolonged been deliberate a absolute apparatus for pushing web traffic, second usually to Facebook. Music marketers have been recommending bands deposit time into Pinterest promotion for years, though a platform’s repute for marriage formulation and mason jar recipes has kept many musicians from holding it severely and posterior a potential.

Here’s a thing, though: Pinterest users are active and have income to spend. Believe it or not, 93% news regulating their accounts to devise purchases. They’re highly interested in song and spend some-more income than users of any other amicable media site.

So how can musicians boost their sell sales one pin during a time? It’s surprisingly easy to use calm we probably already have to expostulate sales. With a tiny planningand a lot of pinning, you’ll see formula we can effectively take to a bank.


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Optimize Your Pins for Purchases

Pinterest is good for pushing traffic, though you’ll need a place to approach your new fans. For best results, brew one active account, one well-organized website, and one well-stocked Shopify store.

Most pins embody a couple to an outmost website, and you’ll wish any strange pin that we upload to embody one. Choose where we expostulate web trade formed on what’s applicable to a post to constraint people’s associated interests.

If you’re totally new to Pinterest, start by looking during what others are doing. Many users couple their pins to blog posts, Shopify or Etsy stores, websites, and other amicable media pages.


If your idea is to use Pinterest to sell albums or merchandise, emanate and upload pins with that goal in mind. Create many conflicting pins that couple to a same product, pin them conflicting boards, and fill out a outline for any pin totally so that it’s easy for others to find.

Pinterest is now rolling out a buyable-pins feature, that allows people to find and buy products directly by their accounts. This new underline is now usually accessible to name businesses though will make promotion and offered products on Pinterest even easier in a nearby future.

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Grow Your Pinterest Following

As with any amicable media platform, a tip to flourishing an intent following is consistent, peculiarity content. Musicians have a good advantage with entrance to a resources of pin-worthy material. Song lyrics, piece music, YouTube videos, educational tutorials, playlists, and manuscript design all make good pins.

Create a accumulation of play that describe to your code and influences. You’ll wish to embody your calm along with a far-reaching brew from other sources that your fans will love.

If you’re active on other social media platforms, be certain to share what you’re posting on Pinterest with your followers. You can also try formulating collaborative boards or using contests. By pinning frequently and pity peculiarity calm that you’ve found and created, you’ll see your supporters grow and enhance a abyss of your brand.

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Don’t Just Focus on Selling

Pinterest users aren’t always looking to shop. They’re artistic and crafty, and they’re looking to learn new skills and get desirous by new visible ideas. Brands that merely aim to sell products and don’t differently attend in a village won’t go really far, and conjunction will your band. Bring a design and visible temperament of your song creation to a forefront to locate new listeners’ attention.

Your supporters wish to learn some-more about you, and Pinterst is usually another middle to tell your story. Here are some discerning ideas:

  • Share your influences and favorite artists, as good as your songs that were desirous by them.
  • Disclose your dream unit style, and trip in a couple to buy your manuscript design prints. Include pitches for your albums and sell where they make a many sense.
  • Create a behind-the-scenes print manuscript of your latest tour, and embody links for new fans to listen and purchase.

Let’s take a page out of a Pinterest playbook from Lady Antebellum. They concentration on insider-only entrance to a rope with personalized play for any member. They are intent with their supporters (check out a house dedicated to re-pinning their fan’s “Pinspiration”). While their code temperament is clear in any post, usually a tiny percent are indeed product-oriented.


Lady Antebellum effectively creates a space for communication between rope and audience, display their heightened honour for fans who share things with them, as against to focusing only on a opposite. Mutual honour and indebtedness builds trust and support.

Marketing by Pinterest does take time and patience, though this amicable media height is a good apparatus to expostulate web traffic, sell products, and boost recognition of your music.