Scam artist attacks Lebanon supervision website

LEBANON, Pa. (WHTM) – Scam artists are holding to their keyboards to conflict internal supervision websites.

A North Lebanon Township lady who took to a internet to compensate her check was astounded to find a minute in a mail melancholy to cut off her water, due to an delinquent bill.

“She was like ‘oh no, we paid this bill!’” North Lebanon Township Administration assistant, Lori Books, said.

Six months ago, a municipality sealed on with a new cesspool billing association and combined a choice to compensate cesspool and H2O bills online. Scammers holding advantage, too.

“They could exhaust your account, they could assign your credit label remuneration up,” Books said. “It’s only unequivocally frightful to consider that they’ve pounded North Lebanon.”

Thieves combined a web of lies.

“The feign website [starts with],” cesspool billing clerk Barbra Bertin said.

The initial idea it’s a feign — a township’s trademark is wrong. Also, a genuine website has a immature credentials and design of a township.

“They go by a lot of work to transcribe or replicate a legitimate account,” Bertin said.

“Never Google a site when you’re going to compensate a check that’s regulating your personal information,” Books said. “Always go into a residence bar and form a residence directly in.”

Fortunately, in this situation, a bank got this lady her income back.

“It’s hapless that they motionless to counterpart a website, though we don’t wish we to be a victim,” Books said.

North Lebanon Township wants residents all over a Midstate to stay observant when entering personal information online since scammers are in each municipality.

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