New bruise coin: Royal Mint feels a vigour as website overloaded with traffic


Shops will stop holding a aged coins on Oct 15.

The aged £1 coins are being dropped as they are too simply faked, says a Royal Mint.

About one in 30 of a stream £1 coins in dissemination currently are counterfeit. The Royal Mint has combined a most some-more secure coin, creation it harder to replicate.

The new facilities embody a hologram picture on a coin, micro-lettering on a side and a “hidden high confidence feature” that a Royal Mint is not revealing.

The silver is done of dual metals and has a new design. The pattern is by David Pearce, who won a foe during a age of 15. It has a English rose, a Welsh leek, a Scottish thistle and a Northern Irish shamrock rising from one branch within a stately coronet.