Kansas City Scout resumes trade information services after complement failure

Kansas City Scout resumed providing trade information services for Wednesday’s morning rush hour, a day after technical issues caused a system-wide failure.

The trance Tuesday affected Kansas City Scout’s website (www.kcscout.net) and Twitter (@KansasCityScout) account. The system’s ramp metering, beyond signs and trade cameras also were not working.

By Wednesday morning, a beyond summary signs were handling normally, as good as a website and a service’s app.

Kansas City Scout is a bi-state trade government complement operated by a Kansas and Missouri departments of transportation. The complement manages some-more than 300 miles of highways in a Kansas City area.

It is designed to relieve trade jams by improving rush-hour speeds, augmenting reserve by dwindling a series of rush-hour crashes and improving puncture response to trade situations by clearing incidents fast and safely.

For some-more information about Kansas City Scout, go to http://www.kcscout.net. The use also is on Twitter during twitter.com/kansascityscout and on Facebook during www.facebook.com/KansasCityScout.