Rackspace helps DFS hoop outrageous website trade increases with managed cloud setup

Furniture hulk DFS rubbed an normal 34 per cent boost in online sales on a busiest days over a past 6 months by relocating it core ecommerce operation to a managed cloud environment.

The organisation called on Rackspace to assistance yield a ‘peak planning’ use that ensured a website could always keep gait with direct from online shoppers.

To do this, Rackspace used IBM’s V8 WebSphere Commerce height hosted on VMware infrastructure to safeguard it could give a association a ability it needs. The use went live in Sep 2016 as partial of a wider digital mutation beginning during a association and on a busiest days rubbed an boost of 68 per cent caller trade during rise times.

Russell Harte, organisation record executive during DFS, pronounced a numbers underlined how critical a online channel has turn to a association and a significance of ensuring it is always available.

“The online channel has never been some-more critical to a business, where patron expectations surrounding use are righteously really high,” he said.

“Our attribute with Rackspace over a past 5 years has authorised us to ceaselessly grow a charity by holding advantage of cloud technologies. Being means to speak to people who have a right brew of technical believe and business discernment creates a lives so most easier.”

Not usually do some-more business entrance a website though a organisation has also rolled out tablets to staff in showrooms, to safeguard they can always uncover business a widest operation of options, also augmenting final on a firm’s website.

Harte pronounced focusing on ideas like this was finished probable by job on a imagination of firms like Rackspace.

“The discernment charity by Rackspace creates this easy to manage, permitting us to concentration on pivotal business objectives rather than IT maintenance”.

Darren Norfolk, handling executive of Rackspace UK pronounced a work finished with DFS underlined a impact a cloud is carrying in all kinds of business arenas and a advantages it can offer.

“Cloud record is transforming a sell industry, permitting brands to pierce over only earthy stores to charity business a whole horde of online selling choices,” he said.



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