Urban Airship Expands Web Push Notifications, Complements Email

  • by Jess Nelson,

    5 hours ago

Urban Airship announced a enlargement of a Web presentation resolution on Wednesday — a real-time messaging focus email that marketers can precedence to aim non-subscribing

Generally accessible in April, Urban Airship Web Notify enables marketers to send real-time messages to Web site or app visitors as they are actively enchanting with the

The notifications seem like any pull app presentation on Android inclination or as a summary on a tip or bottom right-hand dilemma of desktop computers.

As in email marketing,
Urban Airship Web Notify marketers can also control A/B exam messaging to send interactive calm that is many expected to inspire a patron to engage. Automation manners can also be practical to send
triggered, personalized messages formed on behavior.

Bill Schneider, comparison executive of product selling during Urban Airship, says “marketers haven’t had a good approach to rivet with
their web assembly over email, where customarily usually around 2% of web trade will pointer up.” Schneider says that Web notifications make a good element to email, providing “in-the-moment
utility by short-form messaging to warning a website caller about something new that’s of seductiveness to them. This could be that they have an object left in their selling transport or that their order
just shipped.”



Examples of additional Web-based communication presented by Urban Airship embody educational content, transactional messages and promotional coupons.

Airship Web Notify can also be used to addition email selling with email subscription sign-up forms, a resolution that Schneider says could “absolutely” assistance email marketers grow their

“Web notifications can aspect advantages of signing adult for email with elementary ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ buttons,” says Schneider. “The ‘Yes’ symbol can be deep-linked to a
landing page sign-up form that can be combined within Urban Airship’s platform.”