New website lets users wizz in on El Paso County property, school, parks information

The site facilities an interactive map alongside a dashboard of skill information and other data, including census, sales and assent numbers.

The new website will addition a existent assessor’s website, that boundary users to acid for properties formed on addresses, owners names, or report numbers. Still, it gets some-more than 37 million views any year, attracting thousands of new visitors each month.

The genuine estate community, including agents, brokers and appraisers, accounts for many of a traffic. But a information a new site offers will expected make it some-more appealing to a ubiquitous public, Schleiker said.

“This is only not for a assessor,” he told county commissioners while presenting a new site during a Tuesday meeting. “This can be employed by a series of opposite offices and departments in El Paso County pulling information out to a citizens.”

He hopes it will also be a useful apparatus for businesses or families meddlesome in relocating to a county, who are now means to demeanour adult normal skill values, sales growth, race data, even a numbers of parks and schools in areas of their selecting by regulating a map’s wizz function. Users can also select filters for a information, such as squeezing skill comment information to a certain propagandize or state Senate district.

The county paid an initial startup price of $9,000 for a site, along with an annual chartering price of $24,000.

The site, updated nightly, is expected to cut down on a time Schleiker’s 47 employees spend responding questions about internal properties and responding to comment appeals. Each day, a bureau fields 200 to 300 calls, and during a appeals period, a series doubles, Schleiker said.

Its launch comes only in time for his bureau to finish reappraisals of El Paso County’s some-more than 270,000 properties, that happens each dual years. In May, his employees will mail out updated notices of taxation value.

The new site is run by a module called Community, combined by a Florida-based module organisation Spatialest Inc. More than a dozen counties in North America are regulating a software, including Douglas County, pronounced Ian Lamont, co-founder of Spatialest.

Lamont called a module “an rendezvous toolset” for internal governments.

“It’s to yield and commission people to entrance information in an easy to use format,” he said.

Schleiker initial schooled of a module in tumble 2015, when County Administrator Henry Yankowski and former Commissioner Sallie Clark attended a meeting, hosted by a National Association of Counties, in King County, Wash., one of a initial governments to use a Community software.

“It saved us a lot of time an appetite to know that it was already being tested and was operative somewhere else,” pronounced Clark, a past boss of a association.

To revisit a site, go to and click on a ensign couple opposite a tip of a web page.

Matt Steiner contributed to a stating of this article.

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