Behind a Wheel: Two vital projects inspiring Bragg Boulevard traffic

A widen of Bragg Boulevard between Rowan Street downtown and Barrington Cross,  not distant from a Eutaw Shopping Center, is a tiny choked-up these days for traffic, interjection to dual vital highway projects.

Relief from one is entrance soon-ish. The other, a overpass project, will take a bit.

Near Barrington Cross, highway workers are moulding a bustling highway into what a DOT calls a synchronized street, says Jason Salisbury, proprietor operative for Division 6 for a state Department of Transportation. If we wish to know what that is, consider Ramsey Street, with a medians and left-turn lanes.

The work, that has been engaged to Barnhill Contracting Co., has, for now, cost travelers a line on Bragg Boulevard in any direction.

As for a execution date for a project, Salisbury says: “Probably late summer, I’m hoping, or early fall. In that time support if all goes well.”

He pronounced there was a tiny check associated to a dismissal of a gas line, though final cleanup associated to that conditions has begun.

The other project, toward a Rowan Street end, is a prolonged talked-about overpass deputy and realignment of Rowan. To a exposed eye, a far-reaching swath of privileged belligerent and numerous, bustling earth-moving machines announce a plan as major.

“That will go from Ramsey Street along Rowan adult to Chatham (Street),” says Salisbury.

Chatham Street is downtown not distant from Festival Park. The roadwork picks adult on a northwest side of a Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway “then hits a other project,” Salisbury says.

He pronounced that plan is approaching to hang in 2019.

Part of it involves replacing a overpass over a tyrannise and, “that takes a tiny while,” he says.

FYI: The DOT offers swell reports for a several projects during a website,, if you’re looking for even some-more information. From a homepage, click a “projects” add-on then, “construction swell report.”

Survey says …

The aged fun goes, everybody complains about a weather, though nobody seems to do anything about it.

Behind a Wheel believes a same thing relates to trade and transportation.

Thing is, a few thousand Fayetteville folks have perceived a possibility to import in on a state’s destiny transport decisions — if they’ll take advantage of it.

The Transportation Department is holding partial in a year-long National Household Travel Survey, that has been conducted given 1969 and sends questionnaires to incidentally comparison homes opposite a U.S. This year’s surveys asks 16 simple questions and provides a secure website where respondents can record their transport on an normal day. A news recover says a consult takes a few minutes, a record an normal of 13 minutes. Information they’re looking for includes how people travel, their pushing habits and either they carpool.

In a Fayetteville area, 4,500 households were mailed packets, though only 979 have been returned. Only 423 folks totally finished both a mail-in and online (or phone) tools of a survey.


An central with a state DOT says “a aloft appearance rate will produce some-more accurate information for destiny formulation efforts during a internal level.”

The consult began final Apr and will hang this Apr 30.

If we perceived one of a a surveys, there’s still time to not only protest about traffic, though to do something about it.

Self-driving fears

As prolonged as we’re on a theme of how Americans feel about driving: A new consult shows that, while self-driving cars might be a destiny of transportation, it is not indispensably a destiny to that people are looking forward.

More than three-quarters of Americans — 78 percent to be accurate — surveyed pronounced they feared being a newcomer in a entirely self-driving car, according to a news by AAA pushing club. This notwithstanding justification that self-driving cars will be safer, some-more available and some-more fit than ones driven by us, says AAA in a news release.

This is a second year in a quarrel that during slightest 75 percent of Americans surveyed pronounced they feared roving in a self-driving car, AAA reports.

Behind a Wheel does not find those formula head-scratching during all. What Americans fear is giving adult one some-more area of control. Plus, we only adore to drive.

In another consult finding, Americans do wish some-more unconstrained facilities in their subsequent vehicle, to embody things like involuntary puncture braking, adaptive journey control and lane-keeping systems, according to a release.

Again, not surprising.

Behind a Wheel, like many Americans, wants computers to assistance — not take control of a wheel.


Columnist Myron B. Pitts can be reached during or 486-3559.