White Ops Launches SDK-less Mobile Invalid Traffic Detection Capabilities

, a personality in tellurian corroboration technology, has announced the
latest recover of a product portfolio, that includes new detection
capabilities for shabby trade on both mobile web and mobile apps.

Advertisers remove an estimated
$7.2 billion
globally any year as a outcome of fraudulent
impressions — and with a blast of mobile inclination and increasing
use of mobile apps, cyber criminals are embracing a new media channel
for shabby traffic. With White Ops’ latest mobile capabilities,
organizations can quantify this in-app shabby traffic, while
identifying and preventing smoothness to it in a future. The ability to
grasp this turn of insurance quickly, simply and during scale is
critical. This is because White Ops enables in-app showing though the
need for an SDK (software growth kit), definition businesses won’t
worry about apps unwell and publishers can equivocate cumbersome

“As mobile rascal numbers mostly usually comment for mobile web, they can be
skewed as reduce than a tangible turn of fake traffic,”
pronounced Tamer Hassan, CTO, White Ops. “The showing of mobile in-app fraud
is formed on worldly hazard displaying and app retreat engineering.
Our security-based, human-first proceed during White Ops positions our
clients to have a many endless and scalable rascal detection
possible, regardless of media format.”

Now embedded within a FraudSensor™
and MediaGuard™
suite, White Ops’ new mobile shabby traffic
showing and impediment capabilities yield many pivotal facilities and
advantages for customers, including:

  • No requirement for an SDK, enabling scalable and lightweight
  • Ability to detect, heed and quantify shabby trade on both
    mobile web and mobile apps with a Mobile Invalid Traffic (MIVT)
  • Extensive stating and dimensions opposite all suppliers and media
    formats, including arrangement and mobile video
  • Coverage for several rascal approaches privately for mobile,
    including credentials activity, device impersonation and malware
  • Enhanced user knowledge and pattern for dashboard and stating tools,
    creation it easier to beget insights to take action

“Mobile has always been a core square of White Ops’ methodology, as we
commend a singular sourroundings this channel presents for both those in
a media supply chain, though also for cyber criminals,” pronounced Michael
Tiffany, CEO, White Ops. “Every mobile device sole becomes a aim for
fraud. With this risk in mind, we are committed to creation that
improves viewability and code safety, while exposing and preventing
serve fake activity for a business opposite all media,
including mobile.”

White Ops was a initial to be accredited by Media Rating Council (MRC)
for Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) showing that covers both
desktop and mobile web. The association continues to partner with industry
leaders, such as TAG, to extend coverage to mobile app-based rascal and
MRC to conclude a mobile in-app formed proceed that is accreditable and
strong opposite rascal for all. These latest enhancements to a White Ops
apartment are now generally accessible worldwide by a tighten of a month.
To learn more, greatfully revisit a website.

About White Ops
White Ops is a tellurian personality in human
corroboration record and information integrity. In 2016, White Ops was the
initial association to accept Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for
Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) detection, paving a approach for the
attention and charity a full apartment resolution that includes viewability,
code safety, rascal showing and pre-bid verification. Working with
some of a best hackers and ad tech specialists in a world, we’re
means to consider outward a box and emanate a best solutions for our
clients. To learn more, revisit whiteops.com
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