The Week Celebrates Its Best Traffic Month in 2 Years


Congratulations on a extensive month! We had 15 million visits, scarcely 11 million singular visitors and 36 million page views in February–easily a best trade month given overhauling a website.

There’s loads to adore in a Feb numbers. Engagement was by a roof–2.4 pages/session, that is an unusual series for a site that disavows greedy-and-rude, page view-maximizing slideshows. Indeed, there are many websites viewed to have deeply intent readerships who have hardly half a pages/visit we do.

Our readers kept entrance behind too–more than 6 million of a Feb visits were from returning readers. Half a million of those visits were from readers creation their 201st (or more) revisit to a site in February. We clearly have a rarely dedicated organisation of superfans who rest on us day in and day out.

Our trade brew in Feb was a healthiest it’s ever been. No singular trade source accounted for some-more than 29% of a trade in February–and that was approach traffic, a best, cleanest, and many arguable form of trade there is. Next adult was Facebook–26% of a traffic–followed by hunt (17%) and Yahoo (16%). Every site is, roughly by definition, overly exposed to a largest source(s) of traffic. But a Feb brew of trade sources feels unequivocally healthy–much some-more like a mutual account than a prohibited stock. And it’s quite good that approach traffic–with a sepulchral newsletter business during a core–is a biggest singular source of traffic. In a whimsical age where many readers event on calm and have no thought what site they’re even on, a readers privately and directly find us out. The work we furnish plays a genuine and profitable purpose in their lives.

And that’s a thing: The best thing about a opening in Feb isn’t a numbers. It’s a significance and peculiarity of a work we’re producing, a profitable reader use we’re providing, and a sober, clear-eyed voice of reason and reason we’re charity in a wild-eyed time.

As we’ve talked about so many times in a meetings, a lot of people (readers and competitors alike) are losing their minds in a age of Trump. But we’ve been so great. This is a perplexing and treacherous time in so many ways–for a country, for a attention — yet I’m unequivocally unapproachable of how steadily, intelligently, and sincerely we’ve rubbed it. we wish we are too.

One cautionary asterisk to attach to all of this: Like all things on a internet, there’s no pledge that this trade excavation will continue. Feb was a gangbusters month, yet during 12:01 a.m. on Mar 1, a trade opposite reset to zero. We have to keep operative for it. And even then, we would be astounded (though agreeably so!) if these sky-kissing Feb numbers became a new normal. Reader rendezvous with a news is firm to lessen a bit during some point. And in February, “everything worked” in a approach that would be tough to replicate month after month after month.

That said: The site has never been smarter or some-more vital. The work we’re producing has never been some-more thought-provoking and important. And we’re reaching a bigger audience, and on a deeper level, than we ever have before.

Keep adult a good work!