EFF: Half of web trade is now encrypted

Half of the web’s trade is now encrypted, according to a new news from a EFF expelled this week. The rights classification remarkable a miracle was attributable to a series of efforts, including new moves from vital tech companies to exercise HTTPS on their possess properties. Over a years, these efforts have enclosed pushes from Facebook and Twitter, behind in 2013 and 2012 respectively, as good as those from other large sites like Google, Wikipedia, Bing, Reddit and more.

Google played a poignant role, carrying put vigour on websites to adopt HTTPS by commencement to use HTTPS as a signal in a hunt ranking algorithms. This year, it also ramped adult a pull towards HTTPS by marking websites that use HTTP connectors for transmitting passwords and credit information as insecure.

HTTPS, that encrypts information in movement and helps forestall a site from being mutated by a antagonistic user on a network, has gained increasing courtesy in new years as users have woken adult to how most of their web use is tracked, and even spied on by their possess government. Large-scale hacks have also generally done people some-more security-minded as well.

A series of incomparable players on a web also switched on HTTPS in 2016, like WordPress.com that combined support for HTTPS for all a tradition domains, definition a confidence and opening of a encryption record became accessible each blog and website it hosted. Elsewhere in a blogosphere, Google done HTTPS connectors a default in May 2016 for all a sites on a Blogspot domain, after carrying done HTTPS discretionary in tumble 2015.

More recently, the U.S. Government has done strides toward ditching HTTP, with a news that all new executive bend domains would use HTTPS starting in a open of this year. Another news on the federal government’s adoption of HTTPS from Jan found that of roughly 1,000 .gov domains, 61 percent make HTTPS.

And on a mobile web, Apple told iOS developers that HTTPS connectors were compulsory for apps by a finish of final year, yet it later extended that deadline. 


Many major news organizations have also changed brazen (including us!), while efforts like a Let’s Encrypt project have helped pushed others, including WordPress, to take advantage of the technology. The EFF also has a possess tool, Certbot, that is being used to assistance webmasters – even those using smaller sites – make a switch.

The EFF remarkable that a normal volume of encrypted web trade varies depending on that browser builder is stating their metrics. However, Mozilla recently pronounced that some-more of a trade is encrypted than unencrypted. Google’s Chrome, that is widely adopted, is some-more in line with a “50%” figure, a EFF found, as it said that over half of web pages are stable by HTTPS opposite opposite handling systems.


Not all sites support HTTPS or have it as a default, of course. The Chrome prolongation HTTPS Everywhere can assistance with a latter, though some-more efforts still need to occur to get a other half a web encrypted as well.

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Cogent Accidentally Blocks Websites In Global Ham-Fisted Piracy Filtering Effort

Last week, reports began to emerge that internet users were incompetent to access The Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent-focused websites. Ultimately it was detected that this was pleasantness of movement provider Cogent, that was blackholing an unlimited series of IP addresses allegedly related to copyright infringement. The IP addresses in doubt didn’t go to a websites — though to renouned CDN provider Cloudflare. All told, Cogent’s besiege impacted around twenty opposite websites — though a impact was global, with ISP users worldwide incompetent to entrance these IP addresses if they trafficked a Cogent network.

Initially, Cogent wouldn’t criticism whatsoever on since this was occurring, though after confirmed to Ars Technica that a association had perceived a Spanish justice sequence (it’s not transparent if it’s a same 2015 sequence perfectionist Cogent block entrance to song streaming website Goear.com). Cogent was deceptive about a sequence itself, though did endorse that The Pirate Bay was blocked — despite it not being a aim of a justice order. Subsequent routing checks reliable a impact was tellurian opposite Cogent’s footprint.

As we’ve seen time and time again, tangible pirates with usually a jot of technical believe exercise a accumulation of collection (VPNs many specifically) to tap dance around such restrictions, creation these filtering efforts ham-fisted “solutions” that means some-more problems for a internet and finish users than they traditionally solve. In articulate to Ars, Cogent concurred a intensity “collateral impact” that such orders and filters can cause, generally when practical globally during scale to multihosting movement operators like Cloudfare, where one IP residence competence be home to multiple, separate websites:

“Cogent went on to contend that “as a ubiquitous matter, courts competence need Cogent, as an ISP, to take certain actions with honour to a third-party website, an IP residence or retard of IP addresses. If Cogent’s patron decides to dilute trade from a website that is a aim of a justice sequence with a trade of other websites, a other websites that indicate to a same retard of IP addresses competence be adversely affected. When a Cogent patron controls a influenced IP addresses, Cogent does not have a ability to know forward of time what other websites competence be influenced or to control a material impact on these other websites. When material effects occur, we do work with a patron to try and lessen a effects on others websites.”

While U.S. net neutrality manners do demarcate network providers from restraint specific websites, exceptions were forged into a manners ruling copyright infringement. Cloudfare, that helps websites urge opening and deflect off DDoS attacks, can conduct a IP addresses in such a approach to assistance Cogent approve with justice orders some-more narrowly. But this becomes arguably illogical when traffic with mixed justice orders, all traffic with opposite websites and ISPs during tellurian scale. Take a kind of filtering collateral damage we’ve prolonged seen, and request it globally in incongruous chorus.

Cloudfare mostly pops adult as an entertainment attention bogeyman simply since a services mostly problematic a genuine start server from a finish users. But Cloudfare’s General Counsel Doug Kramer was discerning to protest that these sorts of orders, generally if feeble crafted and targeting core movement networks, can have a broad impact on a ubiquitous health of a internet:

“This is partial of a risk we get into when we start to bury a Internet or we get orders to lift things down,” Kramer said. “It competence not be so easy to extent entrance to a specific domain,” or to make certain a retard relates usually in a certain country.
Cogent, and not Cloudflare, is a association that had to exercise a block, though Cloudflare is “trying to set adult a technical complement where Cogent can respond to a sequence that they’ve been given, though within a slight range of that and not have impacts that go over that,” Kramer said.”

Kramer also forked out that it competence be important to know how a internet works before we set about chopping hulk holes in it around justice order:

“It’s critical for courts to know how Internet systems work so they can write orders that don’t finish adult carrying unintended consequences,” Kramer stresses. “As a company, Cloudflare believes strongly in an open, free, and secure Internet. And it is also a routine to entirely approve with legitimate justice process,” Cloudflare’s General Counsel says. “This can be severe during times, generally when courts aim fortitude providers and don’t know entirely how they work. Cloudflare takes stairs to make certain those justice orders don’t lead to unintended impacts.”

Take a non-transparent, ham-fisted, and eventually fatuous filtering efforts we’ve come to know and love, and request them during tellurian scale, with small to no genuine regard about a apparent unintended impact on a health of a internet itself. What could presumably go wrong?

Madison Township military to make traffic-crash reports accessible online – News

If all goes according to plan, drivers concerned in motor-vehicle wrecks in Madison Township will be means to entrance a associated pile-up reports online by a township’s website.

Township curators during their Feb. 14 unchanging assembly authorized a fortitude to work with Lexis Nexis Solutions to make pile-up reports permitted online around a township’s website.

Madison Township Police Chief Matthew Byers pronounced a thought to post a reports online occurred to him while holding a open annals category recently and he began researching it several months ago.

“I knew some other agencies already had their pile-up reports permitted online, so we started looking into it,” Byers pronounced in a phone talk Feb. 21. “Rather than people or word companies carrying to come for them, in person, during a military department, this creates it a lot easier for everyone.”

Byers pronounced a arrangement, whereby Lexis Nexis will say a database of PDF-format pile-up reports, will not cost a military department, municipality or adults anything. He also pronounced it comes as a municipality is already updating a website and both a updated website and a online traffic-crash stating capability will hopefully be online by mid- to late March.

He pronounced a online traffic-crash reports will be permitted by a couple on a police department’s page.

Folks who cite to come to a military dialect to get tough copies of their reports will still be means to do so, Byers said.

“We will always yield them during a station, for people who don’t have a mechanism or only cite to do it that way,” he said, adding that a duplicate fee, that is customarily a dollar or so, will still request for printed copies.

Overall, Byers pronounced he thinks everybody will advantage from a accessibility of online trade pile-up reports.

“We were only looking for a approach to make it easy for all concerned and this is an easy, no-cost solution,” a arch said.


Password tip: Your mother’s lass name is not a secret

Fighting feign news isn’t only adult to Facebook and Google

Zuckerberg’s goal: Remake a universe Facebook helped create

Visit Milwaukee taps Hanson Dodge to refurbish website

Milwaukee shortly will get a new front doorway — of a digital variety.

Visit Milwaukee, a area’s gathering and caller bureau, is partnering with internal selling group Hanson Dodge to emanate a new website that they wish will pull some-more travelers to Milwaukee.

It’s a vital bid for Visit Milwaukee “that will have a outrageous impact on a classification for a subsequent 5 to 10 years,” Megan Suardini, a bureau’s clamp boss of selling and communications, said.

While a demeanour of a stream Visit Milwaukee website, VisitMilwaukee.org, was updated in 2014, a underlying program height has been a same for several years. That’s about to change.

“We’re totally starting from a belligerent up,” Suardini said.

Exactly how a new site will demeanour and duty hasn’t been set. The business and Hanson Dodge initial will daub assembly planners and travelers to get a clarity of what they’d like to see, Suardini said.

However, approaching upgrades embody such things as enhancements for mobile users, record to support practical existence video and more-detailed interactive maps.

On a stream site, tourists looking for, say, internal drink gardens can tract them on a Google map. That capability might be extended so a traveler can see not usually where a drink garden is, though also what restaurants and bars are nearby.

“At this point, we can’t contend what a bells and whistles will be, though we are feeling unequivocally good about a partnership with Hanson Dodge,” Suardini said.

She also pronounced a site will have “a really clean, modern” demeanour and make good use of a some-more than 10,000 photos and videos in a bureau’s library.

The stream site is standard of many caller business sites that are “midway between a past and present,” pronounced Greg Oates, comparison editor during Skift, a travel-industry news and investigate firm.

Oates likes a full-width picture slideshow on Visit Milwaukee’s desktop site and a approach it targets opposite audiences for assembly planning.

“However, good CVB sites currently resemble a transport media portal with rich, enchanting storytelling, vs. a walking billboard sites of aged merely directing trade to partners,” he pronounced around email.

While a Milwaukee slideshow photos are appealing, a altogether calm “doesn’t offer a clarity of what creates Milwaukee special or unique,” Oates said.

“The best sites currently also have worldly maps to approach travelers to opposite neighborhoods,” he said. “Also, a calm should have some-more detailed titles.”

Ten agencies bid on a Visit Milwaukee website upgrade, including inhabitant firms. Suardini pronounced Hanson Dodge tender a business with a “multiple awards for being initial to marketplace on innovative digital solutions.”

And while a group has worked with inhabitant brands such as Trek, it also knows Milwaukee and has a “passion for a city,” Suardini said.

She pronounced trade during a bureau’s website has grown by 65% over a final 5 years and now stands during 1.5 million annual visits. About 1 million of those are from singular visitors, Suardini said.

The new site is approaching to be prepared by a finish of this year.

Suardini would not contend how most a refurbish is approaching to cost.

Breitbart News May Boot Milo Yiannopoulos Over Sex Comments

Milo Yiannopoulos, a provocative regressive publisher who is mostly portrayed as a champion of a distant right, is confronting probable exclusion from his employer, Breitbart News, over comments he once done about underage sex, FOX Business has learned.

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His probable exclusion could could come by a finish of a day, sources from a regressive website told FOX Business. Earlier Monday, Yiannopoulos was disinvited to pronounce during a entertainment of a Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) scheduled for this weekend.  

His central pretension is Technology Editor for Breitbart, though Yiannopoulos is best famous for his domestic statements on amicable media and television. Indeed his CPAC invitation drew snub even from some conservatives given Yiannopoulos’ past remarks about race, sexuality and other issues.

Breitbart was founded by regressive commentator Andrew Breitbart, and after stretched underneath a instruction of Steven Bannon, now a Senior Advisor to President Trump. The news classification has consistently shielded Yiannopoulos’ statements on issues such an immigration and race, that many contend pushed a pouch of correct sermon and veered into undisguised racism. He has been strictly criminialized from a social-media opening Twitter after statements he done about “Ghostbusters” actor Leslie Jones.

Yiannopoulos, meanwhile, has portrayed himself as a defender of giveaway discuss who has been foul pounded by a politically-correct media establishment, a quarrel his supervisors seemed to relish. But now there is a extreme inner discuss during Breitbart over either he should sojourn with a website over his latest comments.

People inside Breitbart contend that a preference on either to keep Yiannopoulos will eventually be a business one; comparison executives there are weighing how “damaging his comments are to a Breitbart brand,” pronounced one chairman with trust of a matter. Despite carrying clever web trade on a website, many companies are changeable about promotion on Brietbart given a repute as being a news opening and opinion end for a border jingoist organisation famous as a “alt-right.”

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“Breitbart already has promotion issues per a organisation with a Alt-Right, and this doesn’t assistance a business side,” pronounced a chairman with approach trust of a discuss inside Breitbart over Yiannopoulos’ future.

Following this FOX Business report, Simon and Schuster, a multiplication of CBS (CBS), canceled Yiannopoulos’ stirring book ‘Dangerous’ that was set for announcement in June. In a Facebook post, he reliable a termination adding ” I’ve left by worse. This will not better me.” 

Still, Breitbart has so distant remained still after videos emerged Monday where Yiannopoulos seemed to urge pedophilia. Breitbart had no evident critique to FOX Business.

Yiannopoulos didn’t lapse FOX Business’ call for comment, though on his Facebook page he stated: “I do not disciple for bootleg behavior. we categorically contend on a tapes that we consider a stream age of agree is ‘about right.’ we do not trust sex with 13-year-olds is okay. When we mentioned a series 13, we was articulate about a age we mislaid my possess virginity.” The post has given been updated on Facebook.

In a video talk with a Drunken Peasants Podcast in January, Yiannopoulos pronounced “some of those relations between younger boys and comparison men, a arrange of entrance of age relationships” might be deemed appropriate. He also pronounced a stream age of agree for sex, that is 18 in many states, is also appropriate.

But some of his other statements drew criticism. He described, in sold “the relations in that those comparison group have helped those immature boys to learn who they are and give them confidence and reserve and yield them with adore . . . and arrange of a stone where they can’t pronounce to their parents.”

Yiannopoulos also said; “You’re disagreement what pedophilia means, pedophilia is not a passionate captivate to somebody who is 13 years aged — who is intimately mature. Pedophilia is captivate to children who have not reached puberty.”

This story is developing, greatfully check behind for updates.

Bridge inspections snarl traffic

Expect delays

Expect delays

A prolonged line of trade sits in westbound trade Monday morning, as drivers attempting to leave Beaufort wait for overpass investigation work on a Morehead City-Beaufort high-rise bridge. (Sarah Smith photo)

Posted: Monday, Feb 20, 2017 11:06 am

Updated: 11:44 am, Mon Feb 20, 2017.

Bridge inspections snarl traffic


Carolina Coast Online


MOREHEAD CITY — The N.C. Department of Transportation is conducting overpass inspections via Carteret County over a two-week duration that will means vital trade delays as lanes are sealed down.

According to a NCDOT website, a inspections and line closures are approaching to start between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. from currently (Feb. 20) by Friday, Mar 3. Several bridges might be impacted by a inspections, and signs advise drivers about a inspections during a bottom of any bridge.

Drivers are speedy to bill additional time in their commutes or use an swap track if possible.

More about Ncdot

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  • ARTICLE: Gate work devise OK’d
  • Discuss


Monday, Feb 20, 2017 11:06 am.

Updated: 11:44 am.

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Bridge Inspections,

Traffic Delays,


Google and Microsoft flog bandit websites off a front page


Both Google and Microsoft have entered into an agreement this Monday with a British supervision that would see their particular hunt engines make robbery websites harder to find for UK users.

The new intentional code, negotiated by rights holders and hunt engines, demotes websites like a Pirate Bay that have been regularly flagged for copyright infringement. These sites will dump off a initial page of common searches and won’t seem in suggested auto-completes, reported a Telegraph.

The pierce was done in an bid to forestall robbery and foster a find of legitimate forms of entrance to content.

While Google has confirmed that hunt trade is not a pushing force behind piracy, a pierce will positively still have an impact in terms of visibility. Research has shown that the initial hunt outcome on Google receives 33 percent of traffic, and a initial page of formula generates 92 percent of all traffic.

“We have prolonged campaigned for hunt engines to do some-more to safeguard fans are destined to authorised sources for song or other entertainment,” pronounced Geoff Taylor, arch executive of BPI, a organisation that represents record labels. “The Code will not be a china bullet fix, though it will meant that bootleg sites are demoted some-more fast from hunt formula and that fans acid for song are some-more expected to find a satisfactory site.”

Typical moves to quell robbery tend to revolve around ISP-level site blocking, where entrance to a website is prohibited. Combating robbery by hunt trade is a “world first” pronounced Taylor.

“We are gratified to have reached agreement on this formula of control for search-related copyright issues,” pronounced a Microsoft spokesperson. “We appreciate a UK Government for heading this industry-wide beginning forward.”

Google did not immediately respond to ask for comment.

Breitbart News 29th Most Trafficked Site in America, Overtakes PornHub and ESPN


Breitbart News is now a 29th many trafficked site in a United States, leading PornHub and ESPN, according to figures from a latest Alexa rankings.



The analysis, that is formed on a accumulation of factors, found that a normal Breitbart reader spends 5 mins 18 seconds on a site, while carrying an normal of 2.64 pageviews.

It also found that 8.7% of Breitbart’s trade came from hunt engines and that 41,686 sites link in each week to Breitbart stories.

At 29th place, Breitbart is a third many trafficked pristine news website in America, behind usually to CNN and The New York Times. Its traffic has now overtaken that of outlets such as FOX News, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post. 

Responding to a news, Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow pronounced that “to have surpassed a tip sports website in a universe and a tip porn site is a towering accomplishment. We have an extraordinary (virtual) newsroom filled with dauntless and gifted people.”

Breitbart News has also valid itself to be a substantial force on amicable media, recently hitting over 3 million Facebook likes. Last May, Breitbart became the number one site for domestic amicable media, overtaking a second place Huffington Post by 2 million interactions.

During a coverage of a 2016 presidential race, Breitbart News also generated 300 million page views and 45 million singular visitors in 31 days between Oct and November.

Considered by many to be a largest regressive news site in America, with apart bureaus also determined in London and Jerusalem, Breitbart News plans to expand its general and domestic participation in a entrance months.

You can follow Ben Kew on Facebook, on Twitter during @ben_kew, or email him during bkew@breitbart.com. 

10 Social Media Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

As vicious as it is to be on tip of a latest new social media trends, it’s also equally vicious to be constantly clarification your amicable media devise from unchanging mistakes. When you’re so “in a trenches” in your plan, it’s tough to notice a simple, though damaging mistakes your business competence be making. So as we get deeper in 2017, here are 10 things you’ll wish to stop doing before it’s too late.

  1. Cross Platform Auto Posts

A few years behind when post scheduling and cross-platform post triggers initial came out, they were all a buzz. These elementary program platforms concede we to tell a square of calm on one amicable media height and afterwards auto-posts it to all a other amicable media networks for you. While this apparatus saves we time in a brief run, it’s not an effective approach to use amicable media.

People devour calm differently opposite all amicable media platforms. What works on Twitter, won’t always work on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and so on. Republishing a post automatically on other accounts is idle and shows we don’t know that platform’s singular capabilities. Take a additional time and optimize your content for any particular platform.

  1. Stealing Content (Without Crediting)

If we are downloading memes or videos, or if we are loyal adult hidden posts for your amicable media outlets, it’s time to stop. Not usually can this be really annoying if we are caught, though not seeking for accede or not giving correct credit can lead we into a dangerous authorised situation. There are stories everywhere of companies sued for copyright transgression of batch photos, or video theft. It’s improved to not post during all than to post stolen content.

  1. Sharing Video Links On Facebook

It’s 2017 and Facebook video uploads have prolonged given overtaken YouTube. While YouTube still has a benefits, unaware a energy of Facebook video calm is a large mistake. Facebook users correlate with videos uploaded to a height during a many aloft rate than with print posts or even video couple shares. So skip a couple and upload directly to Facebook for limit engagement.

  1. Over-hashtagging

Hashtagging too many looks spammy and desperate. If we are going to hashtag a post, use it tastefully and usually on platforms that indeed support a use of acid by hashtag. For example, on LinkedIn, we should be sap of regulating hashtags as they usually seem as searchable on mobile. Also, be vicious of a volume of intensity trade when regulating a hashtag. If it’s a trending subject on Twitter, afterwards it might make clarity to chuck your dual cents in by regulating a hashtag. However, if you’re tweeting #SaaS in an try to marketplace your SaaS product, don’t design a inundate of traffic.

  1. Filming Vertically

This one is elementary and nonetheless so important. If you’re filming a selling video for amicable media on your phone, make certain we reason a device horizontally. We’ve all seen a feeble made, unsure phone video with a black bars on a tip and bottom of a video stuffing adult half a screen. Don’t be that person.

Before we start your recording, make certain your phone is plane and in landscape photo/video mode. This is video-making 101. And while there are many prohibited new video selling trends, rest positive a plumb filmed trade uncover commemorative is not one of them! Cut this out!

  1. Not Sharing Blog Content On Social

Social traffic, or website trade that comes from your amicable media accounts, is a vital partial of Google’s hunt ranking algorithm. So seize any accessible event to expostulate your Twitter supporters and Facebook fans behind to your website.

If you’re not sharing any article published on your website on your amicable media accounts, we are creation a large mistake. Not usually are we feeble distributing your blogs though also we aren’t truly doing correct search engine optimization. Share your blog calm on social, and give viewers a reason to go to your site.

  1. No Social Media Sharing Buttons

Similarly, if your website doesn’t have buttons to fast share pages behind to amicable media, we also are blank out large time. Simply carrying a share symbol on your blog or webpage can boost your amicable traffic, and grow your digital clout. Add one for giveaway today, or ping your web engineer if we don’t have one!

  1. #CateringToYoungPeople.

Every code underneath a object is perplexing to “figure out” out how to effectively marketplace to a “younger generation.” While girl selling is a gray area for many, one common ambuscade is going ‘out of brand’ in an try to support to immature people. This happens generally on Twitter.

A code sees a hashtag or trending subject and thinks, “Wow, if we use this cold lingo, all those immature kids will group to buy my product.” A few “bae’s” and mannequin hurdles later, we are strictly a catering company. Not usually will going out of code annoy your categorical audience, though also many immature people will see by it. Stay loyal to we and find some-more artistic ways to marketplace to girl audiences.

  1. Excessive Commenting And Liking Posts On LinkedIn

We all have that LinkedIn tie that doesn’t know that all they “like” and “comment” on is publically broadcasted to their whole veteran network. Or maybe they do, though they don’t caring if their village sees them fondness a bikini picture, arguing politics, elucidate math problems, and selecting their favorite trademark 4 times a day.

The existence is that while LinkedIn is a profitable tool, it is also a easiest amicable network to annoy connections. People hatred when others injustice Linkedin, and they hatred being angry on a platform. So be clever what we “like,” and if we can’t be — hide your activity updates.

  1. Blindly Spending Ad Dollars

The final and many dear amicable media mistake is blindly spending ad dollars in an try to growth penetrate a system. Just since Facebook selling is inexpensive doesn’t meant we should incidentally fire off increased posts only to boost engagement.

Yes, rendezvous is good though spending amicable media ad dollars in a deficiency of a genuine devise is only foolish and can severely harm your business. Lay a grounds before putting dollars into social. Understand your goals, your audience, your content, have a specific purpose, and lane a formula of any ad we run. Don’t be careless!

So there we are. Don’t let all your tough work go to waste. Eliminate these elementary mistakes and your assembly will appreciate you!

Toppled Tree Blocks SR-163 Northbound Traffic Lanes in Hillcrest

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State Route 163 was blocked after a eucalyptus tree defeated opposite a freeway, only south of Robinson Avenue in Hillcrest Friday, according to a California Highway Patrol.

Northbound 163 south of Robinson is sealed since of this tree in lanes. Thankfully, no injuries. Caltrans will have a organisation mislay a tree though a turnpike is sealed during this time. Photo from corps arch Ted Moran – corps 1. #sdfd #sdfire #wx #sandiego #treedown #highway163

A post common by San Diego Fire-Rescue (@sandiegofiredept) on Feb 17, 2017 during 4:52pm PST

The California Highway Patrol released a trade warning for a area, after a tree fell amid a violent winter charge unconditional by a region.

Check a SigAlert website for evident trade updates. Drivers can design delays adult to 20 minutes, according to a SigAlert released during 3:52 p.m.

Fortunately, no one was harm by a depressed tree, according to a San Diego Fire -Rescue Department. Caltrans will send a organisation to mislay a tree.

City News Service contributed to this post.

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