Visit Milwaukee taps Hanson Dodge to refurbish website

Milwaukee shortly will get a new front doorway — of a digital variety.

Visit Milwaukee, a area’s gathering and caller bureau, is partnering with internal selling group Hanson Dodge to emanate a new website that they wish will pull some-more travelers to Milwaukee.

It’s a vital bid for Visit Milwaukee “that will have a outrageous impact on a classification for a subsequent 5 to 10 years,” Megan Suardini, a bureau’s clamp boss of selling and communications, said.

While a demeanour of a stream Visit Milwaukee website,, was updated in 2014, a underlying program height has been a same for several years. That’s about to change.

“We’re totally starting from a belligerent up,” Suardini said.

Exactly how a new site will demeanour and duty hasn’t been set. The business and Hanson Dodge initial will daub assembly planners and travelers to get a clarity of what they’d like to see, Suardini said.

However, approaching upgrades embody such things as enhancements for mobile users, record to support practical existence video and more-detailed interactive maps.

On a stream site, tourists looking for, say, internal drink gardens can tract them on a Google map. That capability might be extended so a traveler can see not usually where a drink garden is, though also what restaurants and bars are nearby.

“At this point, we can’t contend what a bells and whistles will be, though we are feeling unequivocally good about a partnership with Hanson Dodge,” Suardini said.

She also pronounced a site will have “a really clean, modern” demeanour and make good use of a some-more than 10,000 photos and videos in a bureau’s library.

The stream site is standard of many caller business sites that are “midway between a past and present,” pronounced Greg Oates, comparison editor during Skift, a travel-industry news and investigate firm.

Oates likes a full-width picture slideshow on Visit Milwaukee’s desktop site and a approach it targets opposite audiences for assembly planning.

“However, good CVB sites currently resemble a transport media portal with rich, enchanting storytelling, vs. a walking billboard sites of aged merely directing trade to partners,” he pronounced around email.

While a Milwaukee slideshow photos are appealing, a altogether calm “doesn’t offer a clarity of what creates Milwaukee special or unique,” Oates said.

“The best sites currently also have worldly maps to approach travelers to opposite neighborhoods,” he said. “Also, a calm should have some-more detailed titles.”

Ten agencies bid on a Visit Milwaukee website upgrade, including inhabitant firms. Suardini pronounced Hanson Dodge tender a business with a “multiple awards for being initial to marketplace on innovative digital solutions.”

And while a group has worked with inhabitant brands such as Trek, it also knows Milwaukee and has a “passion for a city,” Suardini said.

She pronounced trade during a bureau’s website has grown by 65% over a final 5 years and now stands during 1.5 million annual visits. About 1 million of those are from singular visitors, Suardini said.

The new site is approaching to be prepared by a finish of this year.

Suardini would not contend how most a refurbish is approaching to cost.