Ed Sheeran’s Grammy Performance Crashed a Website

Ed Sheeran dejected his opening during a Grammys on Sunday and crashed a website in a process.

So many viewers were extraordinary about Sheeran’s pedal house of choice, a Chewie II Monsta Looper, that an liquid of web trade to Equipboard.com caused a online database of musicians’ rigging to crash.

The website gifted a 502 error, that is generally due to overtaxing of a servers – or in layman’s terms, lotsa traffic. Too most to handle, in fact.


The site was down during Sheeran’s opening and for about 20 mins afterward, though during a time of this posting, a site has rebounded.

Sheeran used a tradition square of rigging to loop several instrumentals to lift off his opening of his strain “Shape of You.” Gearheads can review a chatter next to get all of a technical details.

But for those who only wish to hear a honeyed sound of music, watch a video of a opening below.