Traffic Live to assistance revoke deadly highway accidents

VIJAYAWADA: The city military are pinning hopes on Traffic Live, a web choice integrated into Vijayawada military website to revoke a deadly highway accidents in 2017. 

As many as 839 lives were mislaid in highway accidents opposite Krishna district in 2016 and a rate of accidents as good as deaths was some-more when compared to 2015.

Against this backdrop, a military have integrated a Traffic Live with their website, grown by a group of web developers in organisation with a city police.

Traffic Live facilitates a users to brand areas with trade overload and those with giveaway vehicular flow, with a assistance of Google Maps. The trade upsurge on roads will be indicated in 4 colors – green, red, yellow and maroon – to beam a commuters about routes and speed. 

“This trickery will solve a trade problems and control overspeed driving, thereby shortening highway accidents. The website will uncover complicated traffic/vehicular movements and pass instructions about a speed to be maintained,” pronounced Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Kanthi Rana Tata.

The Traffic Live gives real-time trade updates and up-to-the-date trade condition during several junctions and roads, with a assistance of GPS. “Traffic Live will also uncover propagandize junctions and black spots where a probability of accidents is more,” he informed.

According to a Traffic DCP, Vijayawada is one among a undiluted cities in India now, interjection to a  new collateral city.

Vehicular transformation increasing drastically over a final dual years and this can be solved usually by building websites and apps, that can beam a open in trade associated issues.

The district witnessed 3,073 highway accidents in 2016 wherein 839 people died and 3,506 were injured. Meanwhile, as many as 750 people died in 2,954 highway accidents and 3,315 were harmed in 2015. 
“We are operative on each probable cause to revoke highway accidents. Already, a city trade military instituted special campaigns on dipsomaniac driving, overspeeding, etc,” Rana Tata added.