A Government Ethics Office Is Seeing Site-Crashing Amounts Of Traffic


Why would people be so interested in supervision ethics? It’s an unusually dry area in one of a driest fields of imagination in a world. The supervision spends only $15 million a year. And hopefully that couple will be adult and using by a time we review this, since taxpayers have been holding a penetrating seductiveness in supervision ethics, to a indicate where a Office of Government Ethics can’t keep a website up.

Before we ask, no, it’s not trolls. It’s only perfect volume:

The OGE recently tweeted about well-developed volume on phones, in email, and on their website:

It’s value zero a OGE is a medicine classification that works in a executive branch. They try to mark potential ethics violations and step in before they turn a problem. They’re a people who set a ethics rules, who demeanour closely during intensity problems and tell members of a executive bend how to transparent those up, so a President can get his pursuit finished but worrying about. The stream OGE is Obama nominee Walter Shaub, who got a pursuit in 2013 and will reason it for a 5 year tenure until 2018. As for because taxpayers would unexpected be reaching out to a tiny exhausted supervision bureau that deals with inner matters, that’s conjecture we’ll leave adult to a reader.

(via Gizmodo)