THEN AND NOW: Austin’s trade issues dawdle 50+ years later

AUSTIN – Those who have lived in Austin know a emanate of trade distant too well. Whatever approach we expostulate home or to work, we expected have found yourself undone in fender to fender congestion. As KVUE dug into some aged Austin trade reports, we detected today’s issues surrounding highways and pushing have some history.

The Texas Archive of a Moving Image is a nonprofit classification that works to safety Texas’ film heritage. Their website includes many forms of videos from a past that reason chronological significance.

This collection also includes an partial of Progress Report Austin called “Traffic Problems” that came out in 1963. This discusses many forms of trade problems a city of Austin was confronting during that time period, as a anecdotist even foreshadowed what we are observant currently by saying, “Austin does have a unequivocally vicious regard with trade and one that will continue to grow in scope.”

The trade news from 1963 also discussed an boost in race and vehicles as a pivotal source for overload on roadways. Fast brazen 54 years, Austin is observant a bang in race nonetheless again. With Austin flourishing during a fast rate, a city continues to try and find some arrange of a resolution to a 2017 overload issues.

“This is unequivocally frustrating for us,” pronounced Jeff Dailey, emissary executive executive with a Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). “We’re here to broach service for a motoring public.”

Last year, Dailey pronounced this is a problem that contingency be fixed. 

So a Capital of Texas has always been jam packaged — creates sense. However, do we ever feel like people currently can’t seem to expostulate correctly? Tom McFarland was a corporate justice decider behind in a 1960s and echoed this sentiment.

“The biggest problem is that a largest bulk of a people unequivocally don’t know a trade law,” McFarland said. “Now, obviously, we have some people who don’t caring about it.”

There also seems to be similarities in mutilate issues as someone who worked for a Austin Police Department behind in a 1960s done clear.

“I would contend one of a primary causes of collision in Austin is possibly following too tighten or disaster to review a right of approach during intersections.”

KVUE lonesome several deadly accidents in 2016 that started since of tailgating, and in December, dual pedestrians were killed after dual cars raced by a yellow light and clipped a automobile perplexing to spin left by an intersection. The mutilate caused dual pedestrians walking on a path by a intersection to be strike and killed.

“If a light is yellow when we enter a intersection, a vicious indicate is not what tone a light was when we get in, a vicious time is what tone a light is when we get out,” McFarland said.

One partial of Austin that was not around some-more than 50 years ago and is ostensible to be a partial of a resolution currently — State Highway Loop 1 or MoPac Expressway. The 1963 news news was already deliberating a need for an boost in opposite ways to get around a city. Even yet MoPac is here now, that account — a need for some-more ways by and around a city — is still a indicate of discussion.

This 1963 footage is pleasantness of Gordon Wilkinson and supposing by a Texas Archive of a Moving Image. GO HERE to see a full report. To see a full website, we can revisit

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