Study: 1 in 3 website visitors is an conflict bot | CSO Online

For a 5th true year, imitator bots were a many active bad bots, creation adult 24.3 percent of all bot activity. Both inexpensive and effective, imitator bots are many ordinarily used to launch DDoS attacks, including October’s attack opposite DNS provider Dyn.

That’s among a pivotal commentary of Imperva’s Bot Traffic Report 2016, that is formed on investigate of over 16.7 billion visits to 100,000 randomly-selected domains on a Imperva calm smoothness network from Aug 9, 2016 to Nov 6, 2016.

The Nitol malware was “the singular many common bad bot obliged for 0.12 percent of all website traffic,” a news notes. “In 2016 a infancy of Nitol assaults were launched by imitator bots browsing regulating comparison versions of Internet Explorer.”

“It should be mentioned that a identities used by imitator bots are rarely fluid. Case in point, when collecting information for this news we available Nitol impersonators regulating over 14,000 opposite user-agent variants and 17 opposite identities,” a news adds.

But a news isn’t all bad:

  • Good bot activity grew by 4.4 percent from 2015 to 2016
  • Good bots (28.9 percent) outnumber bad (22.9 percent)
  • Feed fetchers were a many active good bot in 2016, and their increasing activity reflects users’ change to mobile

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