Connecticut Introduces New Real Time Traffic Website | Fairfield …

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — The Connecticut Department of Transportation denounced a new, real-time transport information website – “CT Travel Smart.” The new complement can be accessed around mechanism or smart/mobile inclination during

The CT Travel Smart traveler information complement incorporates information collected from a CTDOT’s strong Statewide Intelligent Transportation System network and Highway Operations Center and consolidates real-time transport information into a customizable, personalized user knowledge providing energetic functionality, such as outing formulation and subscription services.

Distributing arguable real-time transport information to a ubiquitous open is a critical partial of a Department’s proceed to modernized trade government and alley occurrence slackening – all of that helps revoke transport times and congestion.

“Empowering a motoring open with accurate, verified, up-to-the-minute information per trade information and highway conditions has never been some-more critical than it is currently with so many relying on a state’s alley system,” pronounced CTDOT Commissioner James Redeker. “Reducing overload and removing people, products and services to their destinations on time is a peerless priority for a CTDOT.”

CT Travel Smart is not usually a real-time transport information tool, though also a transport apparatus with information per to a state’s transportation-related amenities.

Features include:

  • An interactive traveler information map with selectable layers to arrangement real-time transport information.
  • List screens to yield information on incidents, transport times, and camera feeds in a list format.
  • Driving and movement outing formulation features, permitting users to get accurate real-time transport times for specific trips.
  • Personalization facilities to concede users to personalize a focus to uncover cameras and routes that are many applicable to them.

Services that concede purebred users to accept personalized alerts around SMS content or email per transport conditions on personalized routes called “MY ROUTES.” Users can name how, when, and for what routes they wish to accept alerts.

Future phases of CT Travel Smart deployment will embody options for multi-modal functionality. A train movement underline is now underneath growth for exchanging both immobile and real-time open movement information, including information about stops, routes, schedule, use alerts, and other details.

The open is speedy to get informed with the system at