Bennington Chamber Unveils New Content-Rich, Tourist-Friendly Website for a Region

News Release — Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce
Feb 2, 2017

Matt Harrington, Executive Director, Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce 802.447.3311 /
New website includes a village calendar, a micro-brew section, camp and dining options, a business directory, and articles about a region

(Bennington, VT) –– As partial of a Vision 2020 vital devise that a Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce denounced final week during their Annual Dinner, a Chamber has launched one of their categorical promises, a new website.

“This new website is a finish renovate of a former website,” states Matt Harrington, executive executive during a Chamber. “We modeled this off of many complicated and germane websites that we’ve been admiring for some time now. The critical partial of any website these days is a ability to mix pleasing pattern and vital function. The visitors have to be wowed by a imagery and appetite of a website, while still being means to navigate and find a answers they’re looking for. we consider this website is a step in a right direction.”

The new website, located during, facilities a new home page with slider imagery directing visitors to categorical attractions, events and programs put on by a informal chamber. Also on a categorical page is a neat two-part navigation during a top. The initial navigation leads visitors to several tools of a website including information about a chamber, informal events, a village calendar, what to do when visiting, a extensive Chamber office of members, how to immigrate to a area, and a special territory for membership. Below that navigation is a second bar of navigation, that allows visitors to review stories created by a Chamber’s Media Project Team done adult of staff and college interns. Story topics concentration on eating, drinking, playing, humanities and culture, shopping, business and politics in a region. Harrington continues, “This is partial of a insubordinate component of a website. We know that revisit and germane content, abounding in keywords and imagery can expostulate people from hunt engines to a website. This character of content-driven website pattern has statistically been proven to expostulate 60% some-more trade to a website. We are sketch people into a account that creates adult Bennington, Manchester and a Shires of Vermont. We are crafting a story about all this segment has to offer with germane and infrequently tongue-in-cheek articles that we consider both caller and locals will enjoy.”

Joe Frey, new communication manager during a Chamber is a arch designer of a website. “We put good over 100 hours into this website, though it was value it. We modeled this website off of some really complicated pattern elements and used sites like,, and for inspiration. we generally like a ‘On Tap’ territory that highlights a several brews that are on daub (or in bottles) in a area. We are seeking internal members who run dining establishments with bars to get strech out to us so we can constantly refurbish what’s on their taps. Another underline that creates this website intensely germane and useful is a village calendar. We have had over 50 events from several members already submitted and we’re looking for more. We are seeking if non-chamber members would like to contention their events that they compensate a favoured price of $25 per event.”

Harrington continues, “At this indicate a website is essentially Bennington-focused, though a prophesy is to enhance it all a approach adult a Shires mezzanine including most of Arlington, Manchester and a plateau with a intensity of a new domain name to improved demonstrate a full segment in a future. First, we had to start with what we have that was a former website and a stream members that are predominately Bennington. Our truth is that we are improved as a segment entrance together to foster a several resources we all have. Our Chamber group is now out articulate with non-members via a segment who competence be meddlesome in fasten this subsequent era of a Chamber. This website is a good further to a advantages that Chamber members have to assistance foster their businesses and pull visitors from around a world.”

Currently, a Bennington Area Chamber is using a special on membership with a squeeze of an ad in their annual area beam pamphlet due out in May. The Chamber is charity anyone who purchases an ad in a beam a $99 one-year membership to a Chamber. For some-more information revisit or call 802.447.3311.