MassRoots to Release Revamped Website in Anticipation of Annual 4/20 Traffic Surge

DENVER, Jan. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MassRoots, Inc. (MSRT), one of a heading record platforms for a cannabis industry, is gratified to announce it will be releasing a revamped website within a subsequent few weeks in expectation of augmenting trade forward of 4/20. The revamped website will concentration on pushing MassRoots’ hundreds of thousands of monthly web visitors into profitable business during internal dispensaries. 

“The weeks heading adult to Apr 20th are a cannabis industry’s holiday deteriorate – dispensaries around a nation customarily see a poignant boost in trade and cannabis sales,” settled MassRoots CEO Mr. Isaac Dietrich. “We trust this is an glorious event to grow MassRoots’ marketplace share in pivotal markets, pushing some-more sales to a hospital clients and expanding a income potential.”

MassRoots’ revamped web portal will underline community-driven reviews of cannabis strains and products formed on a outcome they have on a consumer (i.e. aiding with back-pain, nausea, or epilepsy). According to Google Trends, hunt trade for marijuana-related terms has increasing 75% given 2004 and typically peaks during choosing deteriorate and Apr 20th each year. 

About MassRoots

MassRoots is one of a largest record platforms for a regulated cannabis industry. The company’s mobile apps capacitate consumers to yield community-driven reviews of cannabis strains and products, enabling consumers to make prepared cannabis purchasing decisions. MassRoots is unapproachable to be dependent with a heading businesses and organizations in a cannabis industry, including a ArcView Group and National Cannabis Industry Association. For some-more information, greatfully revisit

Forward-looking Statements  

Certain matters discussed in this proclamation enclose statements, estimates and projections about a expansion of MassRoots’ business, intensity partnerships, new features, and associated business strategy. Such statements, estimates and projections might consecrate forward-looking statements within a definition of a sovereign bonds laws. Factors or events that could means a tangible formula to differ might emerge from time to time. MassRoots undertakes no requirement to publicly refurbish or correct any forward-looking statements, either as a outcome of new information, destiny events or otherwise. The target of this information is cautioned not to place undue faith on forward-looking statements.

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Porn Traffic Drops During Women’s Mar – Newsweek

Traffic to a world’s many renouned porn website forsaken significantly during a 2017 Women’s March, according to information from Pornhub.

Statistics published on Wednesday suggested that trade began to dump in a U.S. as a array of marches got underway to criticism a newly inaugurated President Donald Trump.

“When compared to an normal Saturday, we saw womanlike trade opposite a United States dump by 6.4 percent during 3 p.m. (adjusted for any time zone), and a rise dump of 8.2 percent during 8 p.m. in cities opposite a nation,” a blogpost on Pornhub’s website stated.

porn women's impetus trade porn

Stats from Pornhub suggested a poignant dump in trade from both masculine and womanlike users in a United States during a Women’s Mar on Jan 21, 2017.


Traffic for masculine visitors also forsaken during a hours of a protests, descending by as many as 4.3 percent during 10 p.m. compared to normal trade levels.

The biggest dump in traffics came in Washington, Los Angeles and New York, where a largest marches took place. In Washington, trade forsaken by 19 percent during 2 p.m., and in Los Angeles, trade to Pornhub fell by roughly a entertain during a march, where between 500,000 and 750,000 protesters took to a streets.

Statistics published by Pornhub progressing this month suggested that women comment for around one entertain of a website’s worldwide visitors.

The Women's Mar in Washington

People accumulate for a Women’s Mar in Washington U.S., Jan 21.

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

According to total from web analytics organisation Alexa, is a 59th many visited website in a world, and a many renouned adult site. Pornhub’s possess total uncover that it receives 64 million visitors per day, with 40 percent entrance from a United States.

That would meant an 8.2 percent dump in web trade in a U.S. would be a homogeneous of around dual million visitors.

The marches, believed to be some of a largest-ever demonstrations in a story of a United States, saw protesters lift concerns about issues including women’s rights, chief weapons, immigration and meridian change.

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Here’s Where’s Web Traffic Comes From

Retailers have attempted for years to duplicate Amazon’s success in ecommerce. Try as they might, no association has been means to compare Amazon blow-for-blow over an extended duration of time.

Retailers have found that it is not adequate to usually put adult an ecommerce site and wish people come. Amazon’s indication is predicated on code recognition, ubiquity and a seamless selling experience.

Ecommerce brands and retailers competence find it useful to know Amazon’s statistics of how people strech a shop, where they are entrance from and when. As such, analytics and insights association SimilarWeb put together a news on Amazon’s prevalence of a ecommerce area and how Web visits lead to sales conversions.

26,600 Years Of Time Spent On Amazon … In One Month

According to SimilarWeb, Amazon was a series one selling website in 59 countries in Sep 2016. Amazon is a widespread ecommerce end in Japan, India, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Iceland and a United States.

In usually Sep 2016, had 2.3 billion visits from opposite a universe and consumers spent about 26,600 years (yes, years) value of time on a site.

Last year Amazon had something of a “Christmas in summer” eventuality with “Amazon Prime Day” in late July. In that month, Amazon had 22.7% of all trade to U.S. selling sites, some-more than a subsequent 6 U.S. selling sites combines.

SimilarWeb’s news spans from Oct 2015 by Sep 2016. In that time span, perceived 26 billion (20 billion from a U.S. and 6 billion from a rest of a world) visits from desktop browsers or a mobile Web. Mobile trade represented 53% trade in that time span. The news does not embody Amazon’s local selling app on iOS and Android, so a sum commission of mobile visits is higher.

When And How Do People Shop On

Based on studies of Web trade from a likes of Akamai and others, we know that a tip volume of information flows from desktop browsers during weekdays. Overall trade (in terms of information volume) spikes in a evenings when people come home and start streaming music, video games, cinema and radio shows. Mobile trade tends to be tip in a evenings and weekends. tends to get trade some-more in line with mobile patterns. Basically: people don’t emporium while they are working. Sunday is a busiest day of a week for Amazon while Wednesday is a slightest busy.

Desktop metrics tend to be stronger for Amazon than mobile Web. From a desktop, visitors spent an normal of 9:29 mins contra 5:22 from mobile. Desktop visitors visited 12.02 pages (7.53 from mobile) and had a rebound rate of 21% (39.8% from mobile).

How Do People Reach

On a Web, hunt engines tend to order as trade drivers, generally for news and product-driven sites.

Amazon is different. Almost half (46.3%) of Amazon’s trade comes directly to a site. Organic hunt is indeed a third tip trade motorist during 20.4% (referral trade sends 22.9% of a traffic) while paid hunt accounts for 2.4% of traffic. Email registers 4.3% of trade while amicable channels make adult 3.3% of Amazon’s Web visits.

For roughly any other brand, this line of trade merger is impossible. But Amazon is … good … Amazon. As a strange and preeminent ecommerce code on a planet, Amazon’s code approval gives it an huge advantage as a selling destination.

Even nonetheless amicable drives usually 3.3% of Amazon’s Web traffic, when we are articulate about billions of visits … that is still a lot. Facebook was by distant a biggest motorist of amicable trade to Amazon with 53.6% of visits. Surprisingly, Reddit was a second biggest source with 21.4% of visits. Twitter purebred during 5.2% while YouTube contributed 14.8%.

Pinterest has prolonged been suspicion of as a ideal height to solve some of Amazon’s intent, change and product find issues. People build Pinterest lists of things they like or wish or that would go ideal for an eventuality like a celebration or wedding. Pinterest could be a good height for sell and ecommerce discovery. And nonetheless usually 1.1% of amicable visits to Amazon come from Pinterest. This could meant several things: 1) Pinterest is most smaller than a other amicable networks, 2) Pinterest needs to a improved pursuit of building an associate module with Amazon, 3) people do not post a lot products related to Amazon on Pinterest, 4) a clickthrough rate of links to products from Pinterest to a outward universe is next attention average.

The Importance Of A Real Referral Program

The best advocates for any business are a ones that send them to your emporium but we indispensably seeking them to do so. People that tell of their possess resoluteness and couple behind to your website.

Amazon has prolonged had a really good mention program. For influencer blogs and media publications it set adult an “affiliate links” module where a publisher puts an URL in a duplicate of a story that links behind to a product on a Amazon website. If a squeeze is made, a publisher gets a cut of a revenue.

From Oct 2015 by Sep 2016, Amazon had some-more than 800 million visits from tip referrals. This includes news and media (especially record news), selling and banking sites and book retailers.

Amazon is really good during holding that mention trade and converting it into a sale. sent some-more than 9.3 million U.S. visitors to Amazon in Mar 2016, that it converted into sales during an 8.55% clip. Kinja Deals, a associate module built by a aged Gawker Media Group for a sites like Gizmodo, sent some-more than 8.3 million visitors that month that Amazon converted during an 8.03% rate.—which we might have recently seen start using TV ads—sent 660,400 U.S. visitors and converted during a conspicuous 32.54%.

Overall, visitors to in Mar 2016 combined equipment to their transport during a rate of 11.98% that afterwards led to an altogether acclimatisation rate of visitors to squeeze of 7.86%. That a third-party referrers kick this rate is not a surprise.

Did we know? Applause works with a tip retailers and ecommerce brands in a universe to safeguard tip peculiarity digital experiences. See what Applause can do for ecommerce and retailers here.

Bot trade takes behind a web – BetaNews


Just over a year ago we reported that, for a initial time in 5 years, human web trade had overtaken bot traffic.

It seems, however, that tellurian prevalence was brief lived. The latest Imperva Incapsula Bot Traffic Report shows that in 2016 a bots were behind on tip with 51.8 percent of online activity, nonetheless it’s an boost in good bot activity that has driven a trend.

Good bots now comment for 22.9 percent of all activity, adult from 19.5 percent in a final report. Feed fetchers were a many active good bot in 2016, obliged for 12.2 percent of all traffic. The infancy of their activity can be attributed to use of mobile apps, reflecting a change to mobile by tellurian users.

Bad bot activity has depressed slightly, down 0.1 percent, accounting for 28.9 percent of internet trade final year. Impersonator bots were a many active bad bots for a fifth year in a row. In 2016 they were obliged for 24.3 percent of all trade on Imperva’s network. Impersonator bots are many ordinarily used to launch DDoS attacks and a many famous ones of currently embody Mirai, Nitol and Cyclone.

In 2016 each third website caller was an conflict bot, and 94.2 percent of legalised websites gifted during slightest one bot conflict during a 90 day consult period.

“The implications of this trend are felt by many digital business owners, a infancy of whom are confronting non-human enemy on a unchanging basis. Specifically, out of 100,000 domains in this survey, 94.2 percent gifted during slightest one bot conflict over a 90 day period,” writes Igal Zeifman, executive of selling during Incapsula, on a company’s blog. “Often, these assaults are a outcome of cybercriminals casting a far-reaching net with programmed attacks targeting thousands of domains during a time.”

More information is accessible on a Incapsula site and there’s a outline of a commentary in a infographic below.

Incapsula 2016 bot traffic

Photo credit: Gunnar Assmy / Shutterstock

Pornhub reveals a Women’s Mar caused critical drops in porn traffic

Over a weekend, millions of women united to wander a streets of various cities opposite a creation to criticism a new coronation of President Donald Trump. But while the Women’s March certainly done a dash in a media, Pornhub reveals it wasn’t all that great for porn traffic.

According to a numbers, a website saw an eight-percent diminution in trade via a US compared to an normal Saturday – and the adult calm heavyweight speculates a Women’s Mar was to blame.

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Check out a stats:


Given that progressing this month Pornhub’s yearly review showed womanlike porn-lovers make for a entertain of all visitors to a platform, a XXX hulk expected women’s impasse in a protests would expected lead to a proxy dump in traffic.

The information suggests a prediction wasn’t far from a truth. According to a statistics, cities with higher attendee turnouts exhibited incomparable declines in traffic.

Washington, DC and New York City – both of that captivated around half a million attendees – strike their disastrous peaks during around 19 percent diminution in trade compared to a normal day. Los Angeles appears to have drawn a horniest protesters, reaching a disastrous trade dump consummate during around 22 percent.

As we substantially guessed a trade downturn mostly lasted for a brief window of time during a day, eventually starting to recover traction as a evening approached. You get a picture.

Taking into comment many of these women took it to a streets to quarrel for their rights, it’s frequency surprizing porn wasn’t on their mind – we know we wouldn’t be all that stoked about soil flicks if someone was perplexing to make termination reduction accessible.

2017 Women’s Mar Traffic Changes
on Pornhub Insights

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Postmates promises to fuel your bender in underneath 25 mins

Imperva: 1 in 3 Web Visitors is an Attack Bot

Every third caller to a website is expected to be an conflict bot – a trend that has persisted for a past 5 years, according to Imperva Incapsula.

The confidence firm’s Bot Traffic Report 2016 analyzed a representation of over 16.7 billion bot and tellurian visits collected from 9 August to 6 November 2016, from 100,000 incidentally selected domains on a Incapsula network.

It claimed that, while not as dangerous as targeted attacks, “indiscriminate” bot-driven campaigns have a intensity to concede vast numbers of sites that are feeble protected.

Out of a 100,000 domains sampled, 94% gifted during slightest one bot conflict over a consult period.

For a fifth year in a row, “impersonator bots” were a many common, compromising 24% of all trade on a Incapsula network and 84% of all bad bot attacks.

Typically it requires small bid on a partial of a black hats to facade their bots as legitimate visitors and in so doing bypass normal confidence filters, Imperva Incapsula claimed.

As such, they’re used many frequently to launch DDoS attacks, with important examples being Nitol, Cyclone and a barbarous IoT-botnet Mirai, though they can also be used to concede sites and lift out acts such as ticketing fraud, purchasing vast numbers of online tickets that can afterwards be resold by scalpers during a profit.

Igal Zeifman, confidence preacher during Imperva Incapsula, argued that intelligent trade filtering is essential to mitigating a bot hazard – though usually solutions that can cross-reference mixed signals, including on-site behavior.

“Most DIY solutions, however, are formed on indiscriminately restraint visitors formed on a calm of their user-agent headers. It’s an old-fashioned process that’s disposed to fake positives and is eventually ineffectual opposite a infancy of attackers,” he told Infosecurity.

“In a investigate we discuss a Nitol DDoS bots, that we available regulating over 14,000 opposite user-agent variants and 17 identities. This is an impassioned example, though it helps showcase only how unhandy a DIY choice is when confronting increasingly worldly antagonistic bots.”

Bots aren’t all bad, of course, and Imperva found a series of good bots had grown from 19.5% of all trade in 2015 to 22.9% final year. They’re used for things like ferrying website calm to mobile and web apps, collecting info for hunt engine algorithms and digital marketing.

Affordable SEO: Five Ways To Cut Costs And Get Traffic

Search engine optimization is impossibly useful for generating new leads and sales – though it isn’t always cheap. Sure, we could sinecure someone to emanate criticism spam or forum links to your website for $5 to $20, though that’s not affordable SEO; that’s digital selling suicide. Search engines always choose quality over quantity, so drive transparent of too-good-to-be-true offers.

On a other hand, employing gifted SEO experts can leave a outrageous hole in your business’ finances. So what is a business and website owners to do? While we always suggest employing experts, here are my 5 best (and many affordable) SEO tips to assistance we get started.

Publish High Quality, Long-Form Content

If your articles, blog posts and other pages don’t get past a 500-word mark, we are putting your business and website during a disadvantage.

A 2012 study involving 20,000 keywords found that a normal length of a tip 10 formula is 2,000 words. And for a No. 1 spot? The average number of disproportion is about 20% higher, during 2,416 words. That’s a distant cry from a brief and generic articles one mostly sees in low-quality websites.

But only as convincing was the hint from Google’s Pandu Nayak, technical staff member and a male behind a Panda update: “Users mostly spin to Google to answer a discerning question, though investigate suggests that adult to 10% of users’ daily information needs engage training about a extended topic. That’s because currently we’re introducing new hunt formula to assistance users find in-depth articles.”

If we wish your site to arrange in a hunt engines and get a trade it deserves, we need to create in-depth and ominous calm that answers a reader’s many dire question. But don’t scapegoat peculiarity only to strech a certain word count – readers competence hatred we for it!

Increase Your On-Page SEO

External factors mostly take a spotlight when people speak about SEO. But while links, amicable interactions and other outside signals are critical for rankings, one can't omit a purpose played by on-page SEO.

On-page SEO is a use of optimizing particular web pages (their calm and source formula especially) to arrange aloft in a SERPs and acquire some-more traffic. If that sounds complicated, fear not. On-page SEO isn’t rocket scholarship and you can cover your bases with a elementary tips below:

  • Title: The pretension tag should constraint what a page is about. For best results, embody a aim keyword, make certain it reads well, and keep it to 70 characters or fewer.
  • Description: A page’s description doesn’t count for rankings, though it’s not useless. The description can make a outrageous disproportion in a click-through rate, so keep it relevant and optimized.
  • User-Friendly URLs: Keep your URLs brief and easy to read. Include your primary keyword so readers have a improved thought what’s on a page before they click.
  • Keyword Frequency: Google might not use keyword density, though it does demeanour during a series of times a keyword appears on a square of content. Use a aim word a integrate of times in a physique of your post.

8 SEO Trends You Need to Pay Attention to in 2017

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A new year means new SEO conjecture and trends. While there are some components of search engine optimization that have worked for several years and will continue to work, there will always be new trends that we need to change your concentration to.

One of a many visit questions I’m asked around approach summary on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is, “What’s new in terms of SEO?” It’s a constantly changing landscape that never sits idle long. Here are 8 trends to be wakeful of as we start 2017.

1. HTTPS is no longer only an option.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) keeps information exchanged between your user’s mechanism and your website secure. Consumers are most some-more internet savvy than they were a few years ago, and now design zero reduction than a secure knowledge when visiting a website. The cost to switch to HTTPS is minimal and aside from a confidence benefits, Google has arguable it’s a ranking signal. This guide explains a routine unequivocally well.

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2. Long-form calm will continue to perform good in a hunt results.

Long-form content, that we cruise to be some-more than 2,000 words, has been shown to perform improved in a hunt results. It’s something that many marketers adopted a integrate years ago and it’s still a “sweet-spot” for those looking to arrange organically and yield a value indispensable to modify website visitors into leads, sales and revenue.

3. Social media will be an even incomparable mention trade goldmine.  

Think about how most activity and rendezvous occurs on amicable media daily. Products and services are being detected on amicable media, consumers are branch to amicable media when they need patron support and brands are active on mixed platforms daily — it’s a vital source of peculiarity mention traffic.

4. Home-based voice hunt will increase.

Google Home and Echo by Amazon concede consumers to hunt for anything they wish though lifting a finger — literally. You can get a answers to roughly anything, and these services will continue to develop and supplement new features. You can already ask an Uber and sequence pizza from Domino’s. we have a feeling we are going to see this record grow quick this year, giving internal businesses a new approach to be found.

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5. Google will uncover some-more adore to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

It’s no tip that Google is a fan of AMP. Webpages bucket instantly, therefore providing a most improved user experience. Here’s an reason directly from a AMP open source website: “AMP is a approach to build web pages for immobile calm that describe fast. AMP in movement consists of 3 opposite parts: AMP HTML is HTML with some restrictions for arguable opening and some extensions for building abounding calm over simple HTML. The AMP JS library ensures a quick digest of AMP HTML pages. The Google AMP Cache can be used to offer cached AMP HTML pages.”

6. UX (user experience) will continue to yield drip down benefits.

There are several advantages of providing a pleasing user knowledge that have a approach impact on your SEO. Visitors stay on your website longer and rivet with some-more of your content, that reduces your rebound rate. This also increases a normal time on site and contingency of a acclimatisation occurring, or during a unequivocally slightest a amicable share or follow.

7. Mobile-first strategies have become a necessity. 

With so most trade entrance from mobile devices, it unequivocally causes we to consider about a mobile user initial when conceptualizing page layouts and offers. The good thing is that there is no doubt — mobile trade percentages continue to grow. There will always be businesses that only don’t see a vast commission of mobile traffic. Take this chemical storage building web page for instance — a infancy of their trade is going to come from a desktop user in an bureau setting. They have a mobile accessible hit option, that is good, though a full-on redesign isn’t as essential as it would be for a consumer e-commerce website.

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8. Links will continue to be a by-product of glorious content.

Links aren’t going anywhere — they are still a pivotal ranking signal. Rather than highlight about how to secure them, emanate calm that is so good that people share it and couple to it though we carrying to ask. Infographics and minute box studies and reports will tend to perform improved than customary blog posts. There are infographics my group did years ago for brands that continue to acquire them links each week naturally.

Jonathan Long

Jonathan Long is a owner of Market Domination Media®, a performance-based online selling agency, blerrp™,   an influencer selling agency and co-founder of consumer product Sexy Smile Kittrade…

Deadly charge batters Eastern US with breeze and complicated rain

WASHINGTON A absolute charge complement plowed adult a U.S. Eastern brink with torrential showers and high winds on Monday, opposition airline and rail travel, after murdering during slightest 21 people in a South, many in mobile homes demolished by tornadoes.

The storm, that unleashed lethal twisters in Mississippi and Georgia over a weekend, incited cooler as it modernized on a Northeast, where residents faced intensity flooding, downed energy lines and high roller late on Monday and early Tuesday, pronounced Tim Morrin, a National Weather Service’s New York regard module leader.

“The best place to be is inside,” Morrin said.

Two commuter rail lines operated by New Jersey Transit, that serves about 100,000 passengers daily, dangling use during a dusk rush hour between New York City and tools of New Jersey due to depressed energy lines, a group pronounced on a website.

About 750 U.S. airline flights were canceled, with New York civil airports temperament a brunt of a disruptions, according to a atmosphere trade website FlightAware.

New York City puncture supervision officials warned that breeze speeds could strech 60 miles per hour (97 km per hour) by Monday night, with some-more than 3 inches (7.5 cm) of sleet possible. Flood advisories and watches were released for most of a region.

Northern Pennsylvania and tools of New England were approaching to accept some-more than 6 inches (15 cm) of soppy snow, producing dangerously sharp roads, and AccuWeather pronounced trade along several widespread highways by a segment might be impeded.

Forecasters pronounced winds commanding 50 mph (80 kph) could whip a East Coast from Delaware to Maine, where a state legislature canceled all business for Tuesday in expectation of oppressive weather.

As a charge front reached a Middle Atlantic Coast on Monday evening, a inundate warning was posted for tools of southwestern Virginia, and a high breeze advisory was in outcome for western North Carolina.

The charge was approaching to take a northeastward trail divided from a U.S. seashore by Wednesday evening, a Weather Service said.

The sleet and sleet will assistance palliate a dry spell in a northeast United States, where most of a segment has suffered from assuage to impassioned drought, according to a U.S. Drought Monitor.

Thunderstorms and tornadoes spawned by a same continue complement killed 16 people on Sunday in Georgia, according to a total by a Storm Prediction Center in Oklahoma. Four of those fatalities were confirmed, and a toddler was reported missing, in Dougherty County after a hurricane left a trail of drop adult to a half mile wide.

A trailer park was generally tough hit, and internal authorities pronounced they approaching a genocide fee to rise.

“It literally looks like God took half of a mobile home park and threw it opposite a travel into a woods,” Dougherty County Commission Chair Chris Cohilas pronounced during a news conference.

Cohilas voiced disappointment during a gait of a sovereign supervision in furnishing puncture help, job it “disgraceful.”

“I would ask President Trump to take some poignant stairs to cut by a red fasten and get us some people on a darned ground,” he pronounced during a news discussion on Monday.

Governor Nathan Deal, announcing that he extended a state puncture stipulation to 16 Georgia counties, pronounced Trump had called him on Sunday and betrothed he would be “ready and peaceful to respond” to an approaching ask for sovereign disaster relief.

A hurricane killed 4 people, 3 of them in mobile homes, in a southern Mississippi city of Hattiesburg on Saturday, and one chairman was reported killed in northern Florida when a tree defeated onto a residence during a serious thunderstorm, authorities said.

(Additional stating by Letitia Stein in Tampa, Florida, and Laila Kearney, Frank McGurty and Chris Michaud in New York; Editing by Scott Malone, Lisa Shumaker and Leslie Adler)