Ivanka Trump recommends fear of drifting app, website trade increases by 11000%

After Ivanka Trump, US President Donald Trump’s daughter, endorsed to her amicable media supporters a Russian-made app for people who fear flying, a app’s website trade increasing by 11,000%, according to a app’s developer.

Ivanka Trump during a presidential campaign

Ivanka Trump during a presidential debate Photo Credit: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons

A Russian-made app for people who fear drifting is doing good business after US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka tweeted about regulating it. According to a Russian news group RT, SkyGuru downloads of have increasing by 220% given Trump’s tweet.

Aleksey Gervash, a developer of a app, told Russian media source Life that his website’s trade soared by 11,000% after Trump mentioned his product in her tweet. Trump also suggested downloading a app on her website in a list of winter holiday recommendations: “Overcome craft stress with a SkyGuru app, that explains noises and turmoil regulating veteran aviation data.”

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“Ivanka Trump – a daughter of President of a United States Donald Trump – wrote about the SkyGuru app on her website!” wrote Gervash in a Facebook post. “We do not know either Trump suffers from fear of flying. However, we really know that Ivanka would advise him to use SkyGuru on house of Air Force One.”