AAA Northeast holding K-12 print contest

Through a annual AAA Traffic Safety Poster and Video Contest, regulating until Apr 7, students in grades K-12 have a event to denote correct skills and function in pedestrian, bike and car reserve with a origination of a video or poster.
The idea of AAAs Traffic Safety Poster and Video Contest is peer-to-peer education. The bar hopes students will simulate on their possess function per reserve while regulating their artistic ability to denote protected function or remind a open about trade laws.
Proper use of upholder seats, seatbelts, bike helmets and a recognition of correct walking reserve skills save lives and forestall injuries, pronounced Diana Imondi Dias, AAA Northeasts trade reserve programs manager. We are always tender by a peculiarity of work and creativity of immature people.
The winning posters will be showcased in a 2018 calendar and videos will be displayed on and used in AAAs trade reserve preparation programs.
Traffic reserve topics change by class turn and embody seatbelt and upholder chair use, propagandize train and bike safety, and dreaming and marred pushing awareness. The central competition manners and grade-level topics are accessible during The work of one grand esteem leader will be selected to accept $1,000 and 3 runners-up from any class difficulty will accept $300, $200 and $100 prizes respectively.
Entries might be submitted now by Apr 7 around a competition website, AAA members and website visitors will have a event to opinion for their favorite acquiescence in any class turn from Apr 24 to May 8 by a same website. The winning entries will be announced and displayed on May 15.