Is your Hotel Website Losing Traffic?

If we have a hotel website a wish is that with any flitting year we continue to see an boost in trade to your site, unfortunately, this competence not always be a case. 

You competence knowledge a diminution in your website trade year to year and if this is a case, there are a series of things that should be checked that can assistance establish since a diminution occurred.

We’ve put together a list for we of common causes for your hotel website trade to drop.  See if any of these influenced your YOY traffic.

Perhaps one of a biggest trade drivers for a hotel website is a Google Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph provides impending information about a hotel, as good as a approach couple to a website.  If your website is not scrupulously related to a Google Knowledge Graph we can pledge your trade will decline.  The Google Knowledge Graph is rarely visited, so you’ll wish to make certain it’s holding users to a right place.

Google Knowledge Graph.

How have events in your marketplace differed from year to year? Historical events, like a Pope’s revisit to a United States, will boost hotel searches and expostulate some-more traffic. However, if your marketplace is not experiencing a same high form events a following year, afterwards we could potentially see a volume of hotel searches and website visits go down.

Pope Visit to US in 2016 affects altogether YOY traffic.

Are we still related to a same peculiarity referring websites? Referral trade competence not be a same year to year if you’ve stopped promotion on certain sites or if 3rd celebration sites sites have forsaken we from their listings.  In addition, infrequently 3rd celebration websites go by changes that competence impact how trade to your site is recorded. 

For example, if they change their page formatting to accordion style, Google will many expected not record a trade being sent to your site since a hunt engines have problem reading a calm on accordion character pages.  Be responsive of a referrers promulgation trade to your site.  Periodically, check their websites for any changes that could be inspiring your traffic.

Losing Quality Backlinks.

Along a same lines, how is your hotel website pattern inspiring traffic? If your website has accordion pages or pages with tabs we competence be removing trade to a site, though it competence not be recorded, so we will see a change in your trade numbers year to year.  In an instance such as this, it’s critical to keep adult with Google’s ever-changing algorithms or we competence be sabotaging yourself.

Accordion Page Example.

New foe in a marketplace competence also impact trade numbers. With some-more hotels in a area there are some-more options for consumers, so trade competence be diverted to a marketplace newcomers.  Always be wakeful of your new “neighbors” and what’s on a horizon, as well. 

According to NYC Company, a central Travel Tourism association for NY, New York City has a nation’s many active hotel growth pipeline, with 107,000 hotel bedrooms in 2016, and a sum register of 133,000+ bedrooms expected by a finish of 2019.

New Hotel Competitors in NYC

Lastly, are we spending income on PPC promotion and if so, are we spending enough? Now that Google has private a PPC ads from a right side of a hunt page there is 66% reduction page genuine estate available, creation a foe for a tip ads even greater.  With augmenting foe comes aloft keyword costs.  If you’re not spending adequate for your marketplace or if we are not augmenting your bill year to year, your PPC dollars will not be effective. 

With rising costs any year, as good as new competitors, we have to have a right bill to stay in a game.

In a ideal universe we would see a unchanging boost in website trade year after year.  However, we can’t count on that happening, though if we are wakeful of marketplace conditions, have good strategies in place and take a right march of actions, we could severely boost your chances of avoiding a trade decline.

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