Privacy Policy

People for a American Way is committed to safeguarding a remoteness and confidence of visitors to a websites. Outlined next is a online remoteness process for information collected by this website and email lists. If we have any questions about these policies, we inspire we to speak to us possibly by:

  • emailing us during, or
  • contacting a Membership Department during 1-800-326-7329.

Resale or avowal of information to third parties

We do not share or differently divulge any personal information, including your name, address, or email addresses with other organizations solely where we sanction it (for example, in petitions to inaugurated officials). Only PFAW staff and a certified agents have entrance to privately identifiable information supposing by visitors to a site. From time to time, we competence send we information from other like-minded organizations whose products or services we consider subscribers competence find interesting, though we do not exchange, trade, rent, or give email lists to third parties.

Browser information collected on a website

As with any website operator, PFAW analyzes a website logs to constantly urge a value of a website. We use an outmost use to yield real-time stating to us and a certified agents of browser accesses to a site, including page views, singular views, singular visitors, repeat visitors, magnitude of visits, and peak-volume trade periods. We do not use this use to gather, request, record, require, collect or lane any Internet users’ privately identifying information.

We use cookies on a site to customize a knowledge of a visitors and to support some required functions. We also use cookies to improved know how a visitors use a site. Cookies are not common or suggested to other sites. We do not demeanour during cookies on your appurtenance for other sites.

You also have choices with honour to cookies. By modifying your browser preferences, we have a choice to accept all cookies, to be told when a cookie is set, or to reject all cookies. For some-more information on how to cgange your browser settings to retard or filter cookies, see However, note that if we reject some or all cookies, your knowledge during a sites and on other sites via a World Wide Web competence not be complete. In addition, if we do not concede cookies, we will not be means to take advantage of personalized calm smoothness offering by other Internet sites or us.

Privacy of a email lists

PFAW maintains several email lists to keep PFAW members and process makers sensitive about violation events. Individuals contingency affirmatively ask to join a mailing lists. In addition, we do not share a email addresses on a lists with outward organizations. Only PFAW staff and a certified agents have entrance to privately identifiable information supposing by visitors to a site.

Children’s privacy

Because we caring about a reserve and remoteness of children online, we approve with a Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). COPPA and a concomitant FTC law settle United States sovereign law that protects a remoteness of children regulating a Internet. We do not intentionally collect hit or personal information from children underneath 13. Our sites are not dictated to appeal information of any kind from children underneath 13, and we have designed a sites to retard a meaningful acceptance of information from children underneath 13 whenever age associated information is requested.

It is probable that by rascal or dishonesty by others we competence accept information given to us or regarding to children underneath 13. If we are told of this, as shortly as we determine a information, we will immediately obtain parental agree or differently undo a information from a servers. If we wish to forewarn us of a receipt of information by children underneath 13, greatfully do so by e-mailing us during


We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving financial information from a site. In addition, we have suitable confidence measures in place in a earthy comforts to strengthen opposite a detriment or injustice of information that we have collected from we during a site.