Arron Banks launches anti-establishment website

Westmonster website

Arron Banks, a former UKIP donor who bankrolled a debate for Britain to leave a European Union, is creation a pierce into a media zone by subsidy an anti-establishment news website that launches tomorrow.

I can exhibit that Westmonster is co-owned by Michael Heaver, former press confidant to Nigel Farage. The 27-year-old, who together with Mr Banks will possess 50% of a website, will revise it day to day.

Modelled on a Drudge Report, a American aggregator site that generates outrageous traffic, Westmonster will be powered by a amicable media strech of Leave.EU, a debate to that Mr Banks gave tighten to £7m – a largest concession in British domestic history.

Leave.EU has scarcely 800,000 followers on Facebook and Mr Heaver believes he can use that bottom to beget estimable trade from day one.

Westmonster will tell some strange news, and Mr Heaver hopes to enroll some-more luminary writers than backbench MPs.

The site will launch with an essay from Nigel Farage, and Mr Heaver is open about wanting to ape a opinionated, anti-establishment, rarely provocative tinge of Breitbart.

This launch is poignant for several reasons. It shows that a anti-establishment media that helped to energy a debate of Donald Trump is entrance to Britain.

It’s no fluke that Westmonster is rising a day before Mr Trump’s coronation – an eventuality that will be attended, roughly alone among Brits, by Nigel Farage, Arron Banks, and Mr Banks’s business associate Andy Wigmore, who are together hosting a celebratory celebration on Saturday night in a hotel opposite a highway from a White House.

Banks has requisitioned out an whole building of a Hay-Adams Hotel on Saturday night, and – logistics needing – a devise is for a new President to attend, along with his tighten crony a Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant.

Public life

It also outlines a poignant acceleration of Mr Banks’s impasse in British open life.

I spent time with him in a prosy offices of his word association on a corner of Bristol on Tuesday, with a Premier Inn on one side and a M4-M5 connection on a other.

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Arron Banks donated millions to a Brexit campaign

He is an intensely intriguing character, as this superb profile for Radio 4 forked out.

He tweets vigorously and his politics do not fit into a anachronistic right-left spectrum by that so most of Westminster is still naively interpreted.

For instance, he favours nationalisation of Britain’s railways and some utilities over their benefaction near-monopoly status, harbours a abdominal loathing of many Tories, and has had several conversations with Labour MPs about courtship them over to a populist Momentum-style transformation that he intends to launch in a entrance months.

I also revealed in December that he has voiced seductiveness in some-more normal media – that is, The Daily Telegraph.

Now, as we put to him yesterday, he has turn Britain’s latest media baron. He helps to uncover how a arise of digital media has not so most confused a eminence between media and politics as abolished it; how a enlightenment wars distracted in a US are being alien here; and how normal media – including a BBC – face inhuman foe like never before.

You can see my news on BBC News during Ten on Wednesday on BBC One.