Leading US websites stay in front notwithstanding negligence of traffic

Convenience and reduce prices make a internet one of a many critical placement channels for e-cigarettes in a U.S., according to a new ECigIntelligence marketplace report that estimates that a nation has 180 vendors offered vaping products online.

Most trade is strong among a tip online vendors, nonetheless their web rankings declined during 2016.

Most of a heading websites accept some-more than half their visits from a U.S., nonetheless trade from countries such as a UK, Canada and Turkey is increasing.

The heading source of visits is organic search, essentially from Google, followed by approach trade – consumers who go directly to a vendor’s website. The impact of other channels such as email or amicable media is really low, according to ECigIntelligence data.

The investigate reveals that many of a heading online distributors in a U.S. have multi-brand websites, and a participation of corporate websites with single-brand is really low.

The news reveals a vast movement in pricing between a heading websites. On a other hand, there is small normal disproportion between prices among a tip 10 ranked online retailers and a subsequent ten.


What This Means: Despite a downward trend in web ranking and caller numbers for a heading online brands, a internet still supposing one of a many critical placement channels for e-cig products in a U.S. in 2016, with about 15% of vapers frequently creation their purchases online. The commission is aloft among hobbyists, of whom approximately 50% cite to buy online.

The many renouned vendors don’t indispensably have a cheapest products accessible – and yet a heading websites’ statistics appears to have declined, they still comment for a lion’s share of a traffic. There is no required correlation, however, between website visits or rendezvous and revenues.

– David Palacios ECigIntelligence staff

Photo: IntelFreePress