Pornhub: Windows users biggest desktop visitors in 2016, while mobile trade rose

With a new year in full swing, adult video association Pornhub has taken a demeanour behind during a trends and insights of a prior year. It recently published a annual yearly examination online, and we could say, it’s utterly interesting.

To start off, a association welcomed 23 billion sessions in a past twelve months, that purebred scarcely 92 billion video views. This is equal to 64 million visitors a day, examination 4.6 billion hours of porn in usually a year. The United States is still a biggest caller of a adult website, followed by a United Kingdom, Canada, India, Japan, and France, among many others.

Pornhub acknowledges a light change of today’s record to mobile browsing, and with this in consideration, they found that 61% of their visitors tide calm from their smartphones, an boost from 2015’s 53%. Meanwhile, desktop use is still covering a poignant cube during 28%. Tablets come third, induction usually 11% of Pornhub’s trafffic.

Moving to handling complement usage, Pornhub found that Windows visitors browbeat a desktop, garnering 80% share. While this is indeed a determining cube of a pie, it is remarkable that macOS and Linux users are on a rise, with 8% and 14% arise in usage, respectively. With mobile OSes, Android and iOS are roughly during standard with any other, with a former recording 50%, and a latter during 47%. Windows users are still unresolved with 3% share.

When it comes to web browsers used to entrance Pornhub, 51% of desktop users cite Google Chrome. Surprisingly enough, Internet Explorer is second best, recording a tiny nonetheless still poignant 14%. Mozilla Firefox and Safari, on a other hand, are on third and fourth place, respectively. Microsoft’s newest browser, Edge, while it might come in 5th place, purebred an 845% arise in usage. Pornhub attributes this to migrations from a Internet Explorer browser, that forsaken 21%.

It doesn’t finish on desktop computers and smartphones, however; Pornhub reports that some-more and some-more people are selecting to perspective adult calm on gaming consoles. PlayStations are a many renouned among a crowd, with 53%, adult from 2015’s 46%. Xbox comes in utterly tighten in second, recording 34% share. The Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita also make a tip five, yet their shares are reduction poignant than a dual leaders.

Lastly, with Pornhub holding advantage of virtual reality technology, a website purebred over 300% boost in views. It also found that Asian countries like China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and a Philippines are heading when it comes to examination such videos.

You can check out a some-more in-depth news on Pornhub’s 2016 statistics here, covering statistics per country, many renouned categories, and more.

Source: Pornhub around The Next Web