Google: We Have No Web Site Page Quota & Do Not Throttle Traffic

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Yesterday we lonesome a thread during WebmasterWorld seeking if Does Google Limit Traffic To Your Web Site? we pronounced a answer is many expected no and yea, that is substantially a case.

Glenn Gabe on Twitter forked to a video hangout from final month where Google’s John Mueller answered that specific question. At a 33:48 mark into a video, John pronounced that is not how hunt works – Google doesn’t have share for web sites. It is not how hunt works, not how searchers work, etc.

Here is a video hide during a start time:

Here is a transcript:


Would we contend a volume of users that can go by Google to my page on my site altogether be a hulk general queries is practiced formed on a site peculiarity signals and links. Like 5,000 visitors daily formed on links and 5,000 visitors daily formed on other site peculiarity signals. Or is it some-more brew that we take together links and high-quality signals and contend fine 10,000 visitors daily for a site overall?


So this kind of touches on a myth we see each now and afterwards in that we don’t have a share for websites. We don’t contend 5,000 visitors this day, 7 thousand visitors a subsequent day. That’s not how hunt works, that’s not how users work. Sometimes people hunt more, infrequently people hunt less. Sometimes your site is some-more relevant, infrequently it’s a reduction relevant.

There’s no quota.

There’s zero where we would contend oh we will send 5 hundred visitors currently and when we strech 500 will stop promulgation traffic. That’s not how hunt works.

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