N.J. Integrator Boosts Website Traffic by 1700%, Tops Google Rankings

Just like conceptualizing and installing a entirely baked intelligent home system, building a good website for your tradition formation association is partial art, partial science. But unfortunately for many integrators, a skillsets that offer them good installing A/V and control apparatus do not interpret over to website creation. Not even close.

CE Pro 100 integrator Dave Gilbert, comparison clamp boss during Hi-Fi Sales in Cherry Hill, N.J., found out how formidable it is. The determined company, that has been in business for 36 years and warranted $3 million in income in 2015, operates in a rival marketplace and was looking for a proceed to heed itself from a competition.

Hi-Fi Sales had no hunt engine visibility, definition it was not discoverable around Google, and a selling material did not accurately simulate a brand. The company’s website was old-fashioned and did not accurately simulate a classification or a many services. The copy, imagery, page structure, and site pattern lacked readability, continuity, and specific calls to action. Some of a many essential solutions like lighting, shading, networking and high-performance audio were not effectively highlighted on a website and in some cases were absent completely. The association also lacked a extensive inbound selling plan and effective selling material to support a sales of a services.

The proceed was twofold: The website indispensable to communicate a services and how Hi-Fi Sales improves a customers’ lives. At a same time, a website indispensable to be optimized for hunt in sequence to beget sales leads. The bottom line is that Gilbert indispensable help.

So, only as homeowners spin to Hi-Fi Sales for a expertise, Gilbert teamed adult with attention selling consultant One Firefly to urge a whole user-experience of a website, revamp a company’s selling collateral, and safeguard it was positioned to uncover adult in organic hunt results. Historically, Hi-Fi Sales has relied on referrals for a new business.

In only one month and with an investment of about $7,000, Hi-Fi Sales now has:

  • A entirely optimized mobile website generating 1,750 singular sessions per month.
  • Overall pageview trade aloft by 1,700 percent
  • The No. 1 in Google ranking for 25 keyword searches
  • A site that generates actionable leads that have led directly to sales

Where to Start?

Gilbert initial met Ron Callis, boss of One Firefly, during a ProSource Summit in Feb 2015.

“I met Ron and we talked and he totally got what we was observant and done me feel that he and a group could accomplish a goals we wanted,” says Gilbert.

Like many timeless companies, Hi-Fi Sales found it tough to change a status-quo and weigh a association with a vicious eye. As a result, selling efforts mostly suffer. The association compulsory an group to revamp a inbound selling strategy, pattern a mobile responsive, and modernise a code with a leaflet that was ominous and engaging.

The routine of building a new website with an outward businessman requires a find routine between a integrator and a web team. This pre-production proviso includes an in-depth review between a dual parties to assistance Hi-Fi Sales consider differently about a business and a proceed in that business perspective a company.

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For example, a messaging and imagery on a prior website focused on a record rather than how Hi-Fi Sales enhances people’s lives. The new Hi-Fi Sales website facilities a mobile-responsive design, abounding calm to rivet and teach visitors, distinguished calls-to-action, as good as lead constraint forms embedded throughout. The site also helps Hi-Fi Sales build credit with mention sources as good as beget new leads.

Gilbert says it was “a fun routine that had me meditative a lot some-more about a services we offer.” 

Among a pivotal areas of concentration for a new website are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — Getting detected online requires a courteous and vital approach. One Firefly achieved an SEO review and research to establish how best to precedence Hi-Fi Sales’ calm so that a association perceived a hunt engine credit and approval it deserves when impending clients use a Internet to hunt for a services and solutions that Hi-Fi Sales offers. An SEO pattern of a new website was deployed to beget best probable hunt engine opening outcomes formed on Hi-Fi Sales’ aim markets.

Among a terms that Hi-Fi Sales has No. 1 Google rankings for hunt in his internal markets are:

  • Whole home audio
  • Smart home automation
  • Home lighting control
  • Commercial automation

Content Marketing — The site includes monthly blogs that are tradition crafted to aim referrals and business formed on topics and geographies that assistance optimize internal hunt engine performance.

The blog posts also uncover a personal side of a business while building trust and augmenting likeability. It establishes Hi-Fi Sales as an consultant within a tradition wiring margin and provides them a height to share critical industry-related insights and news.

Additionally, Hi-Fi Sales is a member of a Bravas Group whose inhabitant branding plan complements a internal selling initiatives.

Live Chat — To element a new website, Hi-Fi Sales sealed adult for Lead Concierge, a personalized live discuss use staffed by attention experts who yield business with present answers to their questions. The use also increases acclimatisation rates by enchanting competent leads. Between Aug 1 and Oct 23, a use generated 35 leads.

“The live discuss underline has been an extraordinary performer for us. Once a caller to a site interacts with a One Firefly agent, and a discuss is deemed by a representative to be inestimable for use to follow up, we get a outline of a discuss and what movement a discuss chairman is looking for from us. Often it’s a ask for a site consult or product quote. We follow adult on any one,” he says.

“The volume of chats and leads entrance from a new Lead Concierge use from One Firefly has blown my staff and we away. It takes a patron use and lead era adult a nick in a proceed that we never suspicion possible. Now, we can’t suppose ever regulating a business but this live discuss service. It gives a website visitors present benefit of removing their questions answered in genuine time,” says Gilbert. He admits he has not be tracking a ROI as delicately as he should be, observant that a chat-to-sales acclimatisation ratio is “relatively decent.”

Video Library — In an bid to softened teach both prospects and customers, Hi-Fi Sales combined One Firefly’s library of HD training videos to a website.

The videos, that etch how to work a several aspects of an iPad-controlled system, capacitate a sales group to denote how a record can raise a end-users lifestyle. Using a apparatus has helped to assuage patron concerns and a videos can simply be common around email and amicable media.

Contact Page — One of a many visited pages on a new website is a hit page where Hi-Fi Sales receives several inquiries a month.

On a prior site, people didn’t know what information they should contention and when they did a emails finished adult in a spam folder. Now prospects fill out a elementary lead era form and with rightly configured form software, notifications are sent true to Gilbert’s inbox permitting him to fast respond either he is in a bureau or on a road.

Marketing Collateral — Once a website plan was complete, a company’s selling material was tackled. The new leaflet picks adult where a aged one left off and softened on any aspect from messaging and imagery to a peculiarity of a paper it’s printed on. The leaflet is now a categorical leave-behind whenever Hi-Fi Sales member accommodate with prospects.

To serve harmonize and raise a company’s brand, One Firefly designed a neat business card. Now any member of a sales group has a veteran business label that accurately reflects a code picture and creates a strong, certain initial impression.

“The graphics group knocked it out of a park,” says Gilbert. “They presented a breeze and worked with me to incorporate my feedback. we am intensely unapproachable of a brochure.”

Impressive Results

The altogether formula have been impressive:

  • One-third of a company’s salon visits are being generated by a website.
  • Hi-Fi Sales is on a initial page of Google hunt for 38 keywords
  • The website is No. 1 in Google hunt for 25 keywords.
  • The website trade has increasing by 1,732 percent and a series of pages visited per event has scarcely doubled.
  • 40 percent of intensity business who call Hi-Fi Sales contend they found a association by a website around a hunt engine.

In summation, Gilbert says a pivotal was regulating a veteran use like One Firefly that “has my best interests during heart and treats me some-more like a partner than a customer.”