An Update on Building a Better NRO

Two thousand sixteen is roughly during an end, and, before a year slips divided into a books, we wanted to write a discerning Editor’s Update to keep we all informed about how things are going.

This has been a moving and startling year, and I’d like to conclude a readers for adhering by us throughout. We conclude it. We’ve had record trade to a website given January, with both Oct and Nov representing a dual busiest months in a history. As they contend on a airlines, we know we have a choice, and we’re anxious that we keep reading us. Here’s to 2017, and beyond.

That said, we have no goal of resting on a laurels. We know that there are problems with a website and we are dynamic to repair them. As both Jack Fowler and Jonah Goldberg have recently remarkable — and as we telegraphed when we asked for blunt feedback a month or so ago — we are not intending to grasp these reforms by tinkering around a edges. Rather, we’re going to reconstruct NRO from a belligerent up. And when we contend “from a belligerent up,” we meant that literally. As we type, we are rethinking how a website works (and doesn’t); operative tough on how best to benefaction new forms of content; and, during each stage, factoring in a reams of feedback we’ve had from a readers (please keep it coming).

Naturally, this isn’t going to be cheap. And that means we’re going to need your help. As always, National Review survives since a readers wish it to survive. We have no sugarine daddy, no supervision grants, no bank robbers peaceful to chuck us a commission of their loot. If David Brock is right and there is a tip worried den out there, a invites have been mislaid regularly in a post.

Bottom line: To reconstruct NRO, we are going to need around $150,000. If we wish to assistance us get there, there are a garland of ways we can do that:

You can contribute on NRO here. If we cite PayPal, you can present here. Or if we like to do things a out-of-date way, mail a check, payable to “National Review,” to 215 Lexington Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016.

Our new website aside, I’m severely looking brazen to subsequent year. It’ll be a bustling one in Washington, that means it’ll be a bustling one on NRO. Have a smashing Christmas and New Year, and I’ll see we all soon.

— Charles C. W. Cooke is a editor of National Review Online.