Former Clinton Staffer Tracking Potential Trump Conflicts on ‘’ Website

The Hillary Clinton campaign’s former digital executive for communications is creation a dash with a new website that tries to catalog probable conflicts of seductiveness acted by Donald Trump.

And as critical as those conflicts might be, a impertinent inlet of a portal is indicated by a obscenity-implied URL:

Matt Ortega, who worked for a Clinton debate by a primary, says he combined a website and maintains it on his own. He initial began compelling it a few weeks after a election.

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Instead it is meant to prominence how hurtful Trump could be, given “af” is a complicated shortening for “as f-ck” — that is, very.

“[Trump] pounded Hillary Clinton with farfetched and fake “pay-to-play” allegations over a Clinton Foundation,” Ortega told NBC News. “He combined a examples of what was disqualifying and is brazenly intent in conducting them himself.”

The website marks a volume of reported cases of intensity crime and a series of hours given a latest report. It now cites 62 reports of “corruption.” has perceived scarcely 500,000 page views given a inception.

“Yesterday it was buckling a bit underneath a weight of traffic,” Ortega pronounced late final week. “There were as many as 1,200 people on a site during any given impulse for most of a day.”

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Ortega — who says he will continue a website as prolonged as he can — says he mostly sees spikes in trade when he puts a new instance on Facebook or Twitter.

He believes a plan is necessary, he said, since tracking Trump’s many interests can be overwhelming.

“It might even be probable Trump’s people count on a perfect volume to means peoples’ eyes to only glitter over and forget about it. That’s my fear,” Ortega said.