Kim Jong-un Only Chooses Beautiful Women for North Korean Traffic Police

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un / AP

December 16, 2016 1:00 pm

Pyongyang’s trade military are hold to high standards by North Korean personality Kim Jong-un, who personally chooses usually a many high and beautiful women to unit trade in a city.

The highly-esteemed positions are competitive, and any applicant contingency accommodate specific earthy requirements, a International Business Times reported Friday.

The women contingency be appealing and healthy, during slightest 5 feet 4 inches tall, between a ages of 16 and 26, and unmarried. But it’s not only about a looks for Kim; he requires that all possibilities connoisseur from high school, a Business Times noted.

Pyongyang’s alluring trade officers have amassed a cult following. The fan website,, provides the women’s dedicated supporters with pictures, videos, and a Pyongyang Traffic Girl of a Month. Fans are also means to buy a Pyongyang Traffic Girl Barbie doll or custom-made calendar featuring a women off of a site.

The website highlights a interest of being a Pyongyang trade officer, noting their aloft compensate and standing compared to other citizens. The women are purportedly supposing 300 some-more grams of food per day compared to a normal citizen’s 500 grams, accept giveaway housing and health care, and are given welfare for post-graduate studies and other careers after their contracts have ended, according a website. Their monthly compensate reportedly comes to around 3,500 North Korean won, that translates to $30.

“Many inside sources news that a PTGs are rarely preferred by a DPRK’s masculine race since of their beauty and high status, and foe for their love is pronounced to be fierce,” a website reads.

On around 50 posts via a city, Pyongyang’s residents will see a officers underneath lit-up umbrellaed podiums wearing several uniforms depending on a time of year.

They have recently been seen wearing boots and army-style fur hats with blue double-breasted jackets, a Business Times reported.

It is rumored that Kim Jong-un has given a trade officers such a high standing since he was saved by one in a “mysterious incident” 3 years ago. The womanlike officer perceived a Hero of a Republic award. North Korean officials have not pronounced either a rumors are true.